Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Wonderful book by Pippa Munro!

Hello! Here I am again with a quick post about a commission for a book cover which I illustrated at the tail end of last year.  I have now read the book, well nearly all, but I couldn't wait to write about how much I am/have enjoyed snuggling up with a cup of tea and floating away into the story. It has a cosy warmth about it which makes you identify with all the lovely characters and gently draws you in.  I was brought to tears quite a few times while reading!

It really is a fabulous book! I have included a link above for anyone who is interested in reading it.. I love the way the stories intertwine and weave into such a readable and interesting tale!

Oh and by the way, I am actually still working on my next printable journal,  a bit slowly, but at the moment  we are renovating our home.. what a dusty mess!!  However,  despite only just having a rewire we did manage to have family here for dinner last weekend.. we used some old Polish recipes which George's Mum used to cook.. so yummy! I can highly recommend Polish food.. delicious!!

Love to you all!... Suzie x 💗