Monday, 16 November 2015

A New Venture!

Hello all.. I am terrible, I haven't posted anything for a long, long time!  I have been so caught up in various events.. you know the kind of thing.. life!  Anyway, I am trying to give myself a massive kick up the you know what  and get on with being creative again. I took a break a couple of years ago.. and guess what? That break just went on and on!  So! I have added another string to my bow. I have not been completely idle! I have bean learning photo shop and venturing into the world of digital paper design. Here are a couple of samples of my digital artwork so far....

My aim is to add to my already growing number of digi stamps by offering digital paper packs for scrapbooking, journalling and the like. All will be printable, and there will be tags, and collage sheets and many other papery goodies... if that kick  I give myself works! My other Etsy shop The Cock-eyed arty miss is still up and running and here is a link to my new shop   which at the moment it is pretty sparce in there, all you can hear is the wind howling about the empty shelves! Ha ha.. I will update my lonely and very neglected blog as I go along!

Bye for now.. love to you all Suzie xx