Monday, 19 August 2013

Bunny rabbits and faraway castles!

What am I like? Considering I used to blog every Friday no fail, I have let things slip. just a bit.. last time was June I think!

What have I been doing.. well,  I have just listed my latest Needle Doodle/embroidery hoop art on my Etsy shop.  

Here is my original watercolour painting which it originated from....

These needle doodles take such a long time to make and sew. The process starts with very carefully drawing the design onto calico fabric, which is a natural and slightly uneven cloth and makes a steady hand and eyes quite key! Sadly my eyes are a bit wonky these days, and I need new glasses as mine are worn out and bent from a certain Old English Sheepdog called Dottie Dollie who decided that they made a tasty treat!

Next of course is all the sewing.. takes ages and ages...hours,  but what a good excuse to sit and watch things on the TV which I normally wouldn't take time to do. I have some vital equipment I need before I get started.. a needle, threads, beads, etc, and most importantly.. a pot of tea.. ha ha!

When the sewing is complete, beads, applique and other embellishments too, I have to hot glue it into place in the wooden embroidery hoop and hot glue a thick calico backing onto it, which I stamp and sign.

Phew, I feel worn out now! Now I am off to start another one!

Have a happy week Peeps! Suzie xxx