Sunday, 2 June 2013

Dancing Butterflies and Doodles of Dogs!

Hello all you fine Peeps!!  Well, what a beautiful day it is here.. sun shining and warm, bees buzzing.. almost dare I say it... like Summer!  What a glorious start to June!  Today, I have been sat out in the garden nursing a poorly arm, luckily not the one I draw with though. So I have been creating a series of doodles of my Old English Sheepdog called Dollie and my lovely little rascal of a Jack Russell Edwoof.

In my drawings they are called Dottie Dollie and Mister Edwoof Tedley! What fun they have together! Or on their own for that matter!

 And just for now a peek at another in progress, one which I will finish today, as you can see the mouse is unfinished as yet, well I hope it looks like a mouse to you all anyway! One thing I love about Old English Sheepdogs is their big mahoosive black noses, I just love them! And Dottie Dollie is the first one out of a total of five which we have been lucky enough to have in our lives over thirty odd years, that has a tail, and I love hearing the thump, thump when she wags it, and she wags it a lot as she is a happy little girl!

I have done all in all so far... mmmmm... yep..six drawings in this series, but I am keeping the others all to myself for now!

Well, better get back out into the sun to do some more doodling!!  Until next time, love to you all.

Suzie xxx