Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Da Dah!!! My Etsy shop is now open Peeps! :)

The last of the procrastinators! Always a reason to wait until tomorrow hey? I may move house soon, Oh no this has happened, ,that has happened. I am waiting for this, I am waiting for that.... well not anymore, the time for waiting has past, and off we go into the future with a song in our heart.......

And the song is.... " When the sky is a bight canary yell-ell-ow, I forget every cloud I've ever seen, so they call me a Cock-eyed optimist, imature and incurably green..."

Yes chaps and chapesses, I have finally opened my Etsy shop and it is called.....drum roll here (ha ha ha!!)

The Cock-eyed Arty Miss!

Toodle-pip peeps! Suzie! xxx