Thursday, 7 October 2010

More Handmade Christmas, Plus Teacosy Pattern

Hello again peeps!

Well it would seem that everyone who commented last week, certainly shares my longing for a more simple christmas with handmade gifts and old fashioned values, which may I say is very refreshing! Thank you so much for your input and lovely helpful comments. You have all inspired me further to press on with my quest!

So this week as I was busy sewing, drawing, painting, etc., I was still pondering over how hard it is to think of good handmade gifts for men, and I found myself smiling to myself reminiscing over past makes which didn't quite turn out the way I had hoped for.  There were the pyjamas I once made for George  out of an old sheet, very thrifty...(I know, poor George!). You know, sometimes an idea just pops into your head, and well, you just have to, don't you? Bless him, he wore them, even though the traced markings, ie. dots and the words cut here, never ever would wash out!

 Then there was the jumper I made him on my newly aquired knitting machine, which had one of those contraptions which allowed you to draw the shape on it, and then just knit it. Happily flinging the carriage from one side to the other, following the chart, I didn't realise that the jumper was growing longer and longer!  On that occasion George refused point blank to wear it, and I ended up wearing it around the house as a very long nightie/dressing gown!

Sadly no pics though, as it was in the days before digital cameras!

As well as trying to catch up with various jobs, such as a cross stitch I promised the lovely Lynne in Ireland many moons ago. If you are reading Lynne, it is coming along very well now! I have been a busy bee drawing and painting little pics for a few peeps, and still trudging on with my secret project.

There are a few simple knitted gift ideas too which I have to get on with.  This is a gift I made for my friend a couple of years ago, and she still has it, and tells me she treasures it more than any shop bought gift I have ever bought for her. Those words warm the cockles of my heart!

Another popular request is for this teacosy which I made too. you can find the pattern here folks!

Another handmade gift that I may make, is this pin cushion with needle keep which I designed and made a few months ago. But not many of my family and friends are into sewing, so I am not sure who I would make one for yet!

Or perhaps I could make some more of these?

I have also been trying, as you all may well know, to sort out our house.  The bathroom and the shower room which were to be started this monday, have now been delayed due to an internet purchase which has been causing us distress for a few weeks. It may be sorted out now, but for a while there we were feeling rather sick that we may have lost a bit chunk of our house budget! They had debited our card, but we could not contact them at all, desite numerous efforts. We have now managed to cancel the order and hopefully will get our money back, but it has caused a big delay, as our plumber has now got other jobs on. Here is a before pic of the bathroom, in a sad state of limbo!

Anyhow, sorry for boring you with that! It will all come out in the wash as they say, and there are worse things at sea!

GET STUFFED! Sorry! :) I have been stuffing this week..... stuffed marrow, and yesterday stuffed peppers. I love the stuffed peppers, and sometimes I use no meat at all. Yesterday I used a  bit of minced meat which I minced myself from some steak we had last friday, when we had thin slices of steak on ciabatta, with sauted onion and cheese! Ooooh yum.  I love being thrifty with food, it must have rubbed off on me from my Mum. It really delights me to buy a cut of meat and then see how many meals I can get out of it. So, I held back some of the steak and minced it.

 Stuffed marrows before the cheese was added and before cooking, with a marrow from the garden by the side!

Next, I made up a basic mix, with onion, celery, etc., and cooked it all with a bit of homemade sauce. So this week we had stuffed pepper and stuffed marrow another day,  twas yummy!  Mollye, you asked the other week how I stored my chili peppers, well I frose them, I didn't write this because, I have to spell it frose, as I have lost my ' ' and have to use 's'!!!  Its to be hoped that I don't visit the oo soon and have to write about the animals I saw a t the oo!

Talking of my Mum, it was the anniversary of her death on the 4th of this month, and my Dad's on the 7th. I still miss them like it was yesterday. It is hard to believe that they have both been gone for so long now.   I often long to have just another day with them both. I think of all those questions I should have/could have asked, but never did, because we always think we have all the time in the world don't we?  But we don't! So if you are both around somewhere... I love you so much, and miss you terribly. Grab someone you love today and give them a huge hug!

 My Mum and Dad! Years ago, before I was a twinkle in the eye!

 Anyway, I hope I haven't bored the pants off you today!  Will be trying to catch up with everyone this weekend!

Lots of love! Susie xxxxxxxxxxx