Thursday, 21 October 2010

Fed up with blogging. Not sure! Maybe. Hmmmm.....

 Feeling somewhat reflective these days!

Oh dear! I have been AWOL! What can I say? Busy as usual, and other things going on in my life that are keeping me on my toes, so I am sorry for neglecting you all again. Will you forgive me folks? SO! Today I am writing a blog post about not wanting to write a blog post! To be quite honest, I am finding it hard to keep up with the old blog these days, and even worse, I am getting a bit fed up (whispered!)  with it too. Does anyone else feel like this? Then I find myself feeling guilty if I don't get around to reading all your lovely blogs. So somewhere between feeling guilty and feeling fed up, I find myself in the middle wondering why I do it at all! I find myself hankering for a time where there were no computers, no mobile phones and even no Facebook!  I have a keen desire to become a hermit!

Just at  this moment in time I find myself in a nesting mood, I just want to concentrate on getting my mutinous house under control, and get the garden sorted out for the winter. I have been planting some daffodil bulbs, and tidying the borders when I get a minute away from renovating the house that is!

Last friday I made a pissa ( No '-'s again on this puter! Here it is so you can know what I am talking about!  I made the base too, and it turned out quite tasty. The topping had artichokes, peppers we had grown ourselves, fresh herbs from the garden, and plenty of stick on the hips cheese of course! Oooh and tuna, it was delish!

I also made a lemon drissle (!) cake.  See, it is bad, I can't even be bothered to take a photo!   I am in a very ponderous, housey, reflective, quiet place at the moment.

I really actually do have an enormous urge to just walk away from my blog. What stops me? You! yes all of my friends in blogland who I would miss, and wonder how you are all getting on.  And would I change my mind when life becomes more settled again, and my little sun shines again.  After all if my little sun comes out again I will  be all chirpy and full of energy.

 Maybe I just need a darn good belly laughing session!  Chirpy and energetic is waiting for me !

That really is the main problem I think.....I just have very little enthusiasm right now. Lack of sleep and a few things in life which I have to get my head round have left me feeling somewhat depleted, and sometimes after, or during a busy day, when my head feels in a whirl, the last thing I wish to do is to write this blog! Then I worry about the fact that I haven't got to others blogs, and then that just stresses me too!  Does that make any sense to you at all?? Or is it just me?! Do you ever get the urge to press delete? Or have I stood up and blurted out the unspeakable in blogland?

I think I am quite tired though, maybe it is that simple, I never used to feel this way, I used to enjoy it all so much.  Maybe I just need some extra ssssssssssssssssss (!) See I have definitely lost them! Maybe I am just feeling the effects of time, like a creaking old gate. Heres a little funny to show that I am not a complete misery! A few of you will  have already seen it on my facebook page!

Today, which will be tomorrow (!) I will be getting round to reading all your blogs! ( I always post after midnight, therefore Friday, but it always says thursday! Yes, after midnight, after 1pm sometimes, and then I wonder why I am always tired!)

I hope you are all well and happy!  Have a happy weekend!  Lots of love to you all, top of the world to you all!  Susie xxx