Thursday, 30 September 2010

I'm dreaming of a thrifty Christmas!

Hello to all you fine peeps! Happy October! Did you remember to say White wabbits? I always say it!

This was a picture from last October, and I grew my own pumpkin, this year not one of my seeds germinated! No Pumpkins! Boo hoo!

Well its that time of the year again ( I know, already! :0). Time to look towards cosy nights by the fire, bonfires, fireworks, and then of course to top it all off with the cherry on the top........... CHRISTMAS!!! There, I said it.....CHRISTMAS!!!

                                                       ooooooh Yummy!  And next thing you know its.........

Now, I am no Grinch, I love Christmas, all the sentimentality, nostalgia, sparkle and glitter. BUT! This year I am getting out my sandwich board and going on a protest march! Why? Because each year that goes by, I despair at how it has all become so materialistic and driven by commercialism. People run about like headless chickens spending money that they can ill afford, and instead of getting the desired Christmas that we are told we should be getting by the media, all that a lot of us get is worry and one huge headache and  painful bills to match!

I yelled out last year that I longed for a long ago type of Christmas, the sort where people happily exchange a gift that has been lovingly hand-made. You know the sort, like in 'Little Women', where a face would light up at an embroidered handkerchief, as if it were a precious treasure they were looking upon. Eyes filled with the wonder of each stitch being sewn by someone who loved them.

SO! This year I have made a vow to myself, that where ever possible, I will be making gifts for my much loved family and friends with fabric and materials which I already have in the house. After all, I am a hoarder, and after last weeks post where I was confined to my workroom (what a hardship!), I started to look through all those pretty fabrics which I have been collecting over time, and thought....hmmmmmm!?  Obviously this is not a completely achievable goal, as I don't think my brother would be too excited about a pretty smelly heart or bird, etc!  Although it is good for men to let their feminine side loose sometimes!

This week, whilst confined to my sewing room, I started on some of these, which I will loosely stuff and fill with lavender nearer to Christmas, and of course finish them off with bright beady button eyes! .......

I personally would be extremely happy and content, and filled with sheer warm happiness if I pulled off the chrissie wrapping paper to discover a handmade with love gift! That would mean more to me than any expensive shop bought gift. I would rather have something unique and loved than any diamond or trinket that has no substance other than cost. This is to me what Christmas should be about. Simple but true comforts and love.

Oh, and before I go, I am so daft sometimes! Last week I announced the winner of my drawing, ( who was chosen randomly by drawing numbers out of a hat) and then completely forgot to tell you the name of Aunt Spicy's beautiful scottie doglet! What am I like?  Well the little dogs name is Fred (Freddie)! Thank you Mummy Boo Bear for your suggestion!  Fred (Freddie is liking his new name very much! Mind you I have still not decided whether said dog is a girl or a boy yet. What do you think Aunty Spicy, after all, you created this gorgeous pooch! Either way, tis all good..... Fred, Freddie , Fredrica!

Getting back to christmas, what are your opinions on it these days, and if you are handcrafting gifts, what will/are you making? I would love to know, it would give me inspiration. Here is a difficult one... well it is for me! Anyone have any good ideas for handmade gifts for men?  If you do, let me know PLEASE!!! ;0)

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Susie xxxx :0))))