Thursday, 23 September 2010

AND THE WINNER IS .........................TA DAH..........

Happy Friday Peeps!

This one certainly crept up on me!  This week has seen more work being done on the house, and it feels as if it is never-ending sometimes!  The new french doors are now installed and performing their new task of framing and inviting the back garden into the sitting room with a  gusto.  I will take another shot of them opened another time, as I am not allowed to open them yet. Have to let it all set.

 Isn't everything all Autumny all of a sudden?  I have been gathering in the harvest!

 There are still lots of apple to pick!..... No there are not only two apples!

Take a look at all those red hot chili peppers! This is the last batch, we have about 4 bags stored now, and they may be tiny, but they are hot. George loves hot food, I mean really hot, bring me that fire extinguisher hot, hot! 

There is also a tiny new window in the shower room. This being our very impatient shower room, which wants a makeover too, and in protest of waiting too long, has now sprung a leak which has caused me to trot up and down stairs every hour to empty the bucket. Obviously I have forgotten a few times, which results in the utility room beneath flooding. In fact I think it is a while since I last did it! Ooops, back in a mo!

Oh dear!

Another glimpse of the kitchen, which now has the floor down, and a rather large hairy dog in it too!

At the moment though, I am confined to my work room with the dogs, this is the only place left to hide! I have music playing  (The Eels, I love them! Got every cd of theirs I think!) so the dogs can't hear the banging, and the curtains shut so they can't see the man on the ladder! I hope the man on the ladder doesn't think me rude! In this room sits my PC, and so I am writing my blog this week on there instead of on my laptop. So this week I have my 'Z' back.. yippee I can be Suzie again!  I wonder what I could do... hmmmmm, maybe have a mess on my sewing machine?

This is my lovely naughty, indulgence, it was expensive, but I treated myself to it when my Mum died, with some money that she left me.  However it is ages since I did any sewing, with all the work and upsets over the last few months. But I seriously  think is time to get sewing again, after all I am called itch2stitch aren't I!

I have a confession... I am Suzie and I am a gadgetholic! I simply cannot resist the urge to collect little gadgets for sewing, strange feet for my sewing machine, objects which promise to make the job easier or more professional......elastic guides, jean-a-jumps, measuring gauges... I view these objects as vital, magic, essential when I buy them, and then I simply put them in here.....

And then rarely use them!

I love the idea of patchwork and quilting, but I have only ever taken baby steps with it so far. This, which is so basic it is not true, was going to be  a bed cover, but never got finished.  It is made from dresses which my daughters wore when they were little, some shop bought dresses and some which I made for them. So each square holds special memories.

Whilst rooting about in my room I came across this embroidery which surprise, surprise, is also unfinished. It is a tablecloth, or should I say it will be one day if it ever gets finished!

 How about this for some sewing inspiration? I took some pics in the V&A on our hols in London,  Iranian fabric I think.  Isn't it beautiful? Can you see how you could use this design  (and the gorgeous colours too!) in an embroidery or some quilting, etc.?  Or, Sarah if you are reading, don't they remind you of colourful doilies?

It is amazing how much inspiration you can find by just looking at things that little bit closer. 

Ooooh and I love this fireplace! I would love to have one like this, perhaps in a garden room, with white furniture and lots of comfy colourful pretty cushions? Oooh yes please!

Now to the winner of one of my drawings.......

The winner is........ Mummy Boo Bear! Congratulations!  Let me know your posting details and also what colour you prefer, as you didn't mention that  in your comment and I shall get on to it as soon as possible! I can just do it in the colours you saw on my last post if you wish, it is entirely up to you. If I ever emerge from my work room that is!

Thank you all for joining in the fun, and there may be another chance for you to win again in a few weeks, if you would like too.  And may I say a big thank you to all my new followers too (and my old ones!), it cheers me, and makes me feel happy inside to 'meet' you here! Thank you for taking the time to visit me and leave your lovely comments. :)

Until next week, I wish you all good things. I am off to empty that darn bucket again!

Suzie xxxxx