Thursday, 26 August 2010

A Peek at my kitchen Makeover! Come and have a gander!

Well its been a long time coming, but our kitchen makeover is nearly, very nearly finished! Hurray! hoorah! Dippy do-dah! (Backward flip somersault!) At last I can prepare a meal once again without searching the rooms downstairs to find a vital implement, to return to said kitchen to find a burnt offering! Do you remember what it was like before?

Well heres a peek.....

So? What do you think? This has been a very low budget production. The Kitchen cupboards and sink were all bought second hand from my Friend Karen (hello Karen if you are reading this! Big hugs!) for £200! Of course you have to add on the price for fitting, worktop, tiles, cooker, hob and flooring, but it was done with very tight purse strings! It just needs some shelves putting up, for my bits and bobs (you know, all those pretty finishing off touches!) and the kicker boards.

What other news?  More kindness in blogland! A surprise envelope in the post from Jacqueline at Once upon a Fairyland.  An envelope filled with kindness and love from a very special lady and friend. Lots of owlishness just for me. Words which thank me for being real, and putting out what is in my heart. Thank you Jacqueline, your words mean more than I can say. In the beautiful note Jacqueline suggest that I put one of the owl stickers onto George's head while he sleeps for good luck! So funny! It will complete his new look of wearing odd shoes! So glad that that gave so many of you a good laugh in last weeks post!


And hey!  I won a giveaway. Yes I did! The very lovely Joe at Josie-Mary has sent me these lovely goodies! How lucky am I? Very, I'd say. How wonderful to think of an owl for me Joe! It is filled with lavender, and smells delish!  The brooch is divine and the photograph really does not do it justice. You are so talented and clever Joe!  I love each and every one of your gifts! Thank you! Do visit her, if you haven't all ready, she makes the most beautifully (and skillfully made) gorgeous goodies!

Some sweeties too, yum! What a sweet shopping bag with dashhounds on and some lovely Emma Bridgewater tissues which I will keep in my handbag.  Ahh the Union Jack! .........and talking of union Jacks.... there is more to report....

The lovely George and I have decided that 4 years without a holiday is quite enough! So we are going to London for a few days! And then a two night stay in the cotswolds on the way home.  I love London, all those museums and art galleries to explore. I shall be letting you all know how it goes! So the Tissues will be going with me Joe, in my little Cath Kidson Handbag to see all the very Englishnessness of London! All those red Double deckers!

This reminded me, that as a child, after watching Cliff Richard's film, Summer Holiday, I announced to my long suffering Mum, that when I grew up I was going to live in a double decker bus (red... it just has to be red!), adopt some children and have an Old English Sheepdog. Well, I did adopt some children (3), and I did get my Old English (4 so far!) but as of yet I have not lived in a bus! If I had done, it would look have looked something like this inside!

Ha ha, I somehow don't think I will get my bus! But stranger things have happened.  Oooh Cath Kidston, squeal, squeal! I must go to the London branch (one of them!), I shall be like a child on E-numbers let loose in a sweetie shop! Watch this space girls! (and any boys too!)

Ta ta old beans until next week! Have a jolly spiffing weekend and week!

Susie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)