Thursday, 8 July 2010

Farewell for now Peeps!

Hello my lovely friends!

How the jolly heck are you all?  Good and spiffing tip-top I hope.

Oh, I have been naughty this week letting myself loose around the shops! Obviously, ( no, really! Obviously!) it was necessary to buy some items with which to dress the house. Well thats my excuse and I am sticking to it!  It is all part of the makeover George! Wink wink!

 I couldn't resist these little birdies! Now could I?!!!

And I couldn't resist this ever so cute set of hooks!

The picture doesn't do this candle holder justice, I can't wait to see the lovely warm red glow! 

Ahhhh, there it is!

Finally, this gorgeous natural heart... I love hearts!  I was actually going to put this one away for my friend Susan for Christmas, but when I went around to her house for a coffee I saw that she already has two!

Another expense , this one very necessary indeed, was a trip to the opticians to finally have an eye test, and be fitted with some much needed new glasses. Well, I have been very fretful about going to the opticians since the optician last time (over 2 1/2 years ago) told me that the reason why he was taking an awfully long time looking at the back of my eyes, was because I had had cancer, and you can sometimes see things!  Oh dear! The absolutely worst thing he could have said. I am supposed to go quite often as the chemotherapy has made eyes deteriorate quicker, but I haven't been because of what he said!

Anyhow, I was a bit nervous, and hated the back of the eye photographs etc! You can imagine what I felt like then when she told me that one of the bits at the back of my eyes (can't remember what it was called!) was bigger than the other and I needed further tests! Yikes! I actually felt like leaving!  Errrr no, running!  Anyway, it was all fine, and I now await my glasses so that I can actually see to sew and draw properly again!  Phew!

On a lighter note, the lady behind the counter asked George if we were together, to which George replied... "yes,..... unfortunately!"        Ha ha ha! Funny man!

I have spent another busy bee week with paint brushes a painting! The stable door has had numerous coats, and yet still remains, well frankly, not so good. I think I need to go and get some more paint!  I got a cheaper make you see, which has now turned into a more expensive one!

My invisible horse was not impressed at all, as he couldn't look out of his door whilst I was heavily armed with wet paint brush!  He did offer to help by using his tail, but it would have been far too messy to have been of any real help.  :o)   Sooooo.... we stopped for a bite to eat instead. By the way, I'm the one with the moustache!

No sewing done, no art work either.... just too darn busy I am afraid.  At night I have found, as the light fails, so does my eyesight, and I can no longer (maybe I will be able to when my new glasses arrive) enjoy the delights of embroidery or cross-stitch of an evening watching TV, as I used to do.   However, I can knit! I can actually knit without my glasses on, and only really need them on to read the pattern, so I have been making a cardie in the evenings!

I can do basic knitting really, and so far have done the back, and front sides, and half a sleeve, but I couldn't say at all if I will manage the collar, edges and button holes! I have never actually knitted anything like this before! So wish me luck!

Do you want to hear something funny?  Well, you may remember a while ago, me telling you that post cancer, I have been trying to find insurance. Do you remember? Well, not being one to give up easily, I had yet another shot at it.  I recieved my quote the other day.... ho ho ha hee ha ho hee ha ha hee haw hee haw!  Are they mad????  £230 a month just for moi! Not a chance on earth!  George's is about £25, or something like that!  I shall therefore continue to remain just as useless dead, as I am alive!  Huh-hum, moneywise that is! Shhhh -shhhhush George! No one asked for you opinion!!

This week I received  these beautiful felts which I won in a giveaway from Annie at The Felt Fairy. They are in such soft gorgeous pastels, and I had been hoping to show Annie, and you,  something which I had made with them, but no... nothing at all to show yet! Sorry, maybe soon though!  Thank you so much Annie!

Next week the ever suffering George is off work and we should at last (!) be having the kitchen installed. So over the weekend we will be tearing out cupboards, pulling up the flooring and ripping off the tiles.  It will be all go here for quite some time to come, so I may or may not be taking a blog break for a short while. If I do, I will still try to find some time to catch up on your blogs!  If I am not a round for a couple of weeks you won't forget all about little old me will you?!! Promise?

 Love to you all,  goodbye for now.... won't be away long I hope!

Suzie xxxx

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Cloudy Angels and home grown veggies!

Yippeeeeeeeeeeee peeps its Friday again.  Yes again!

I have been really enjoying reading all your blogs and finding out what you have all been getting up to! You are all so busy. it makes my head spin, it really does. For all the readers who haven't got a blog, I hope you have had a wonderful week, hopefully enjoying some good weather. Although frankly, our garden was gagging for a good long drink, and I was tiring of lugging a heavy watering can to all the poor thirsty pretties! So  was glad of the spot of rain we enjoyed this week! Me, me, me they were all shouting..... oh dear, I know, the plants are talking to me now.  No hope at all for me,is there?!  Or was it all the Faeries and Angels which flitter and flutter about in our garden?

Another one of my stitcheries, a reminder to myself that just because we can't see some things.. they are still there!

And speaking of clouds......isn't it amazing when you take the time to look up, just what you may see?  Ha ha ha! I wish I had seen the plane do this!

Do you think that the pilot had changed his mind, or do you think that he was turning back so he could take another look at this!?

An angel! And who is she chatting with?

Could it be tinkerbell?!!! Can you see her? Can you make out her hair and her wings?  She is kneeling down. Or am I really losing it completely? :)  I used to love laying on the grass as a child and looking at all the pictures in the clouds. We really should try to take the time to do that sometimes, it is so magical!   Yes, look up! You may just miss that elephant that is about to fall on you!

This song really sums me up!  There is even a reference to Tinkerbell in it too, so apt hey!   It was one of my favourites when I was a confused teenager, and I really haven't changed that much at all! As long as I don't look in the mirror!

Anyway! Earth calling! Woo hoo!  Do you know, I found myself at the bottom of the garden yesterday, smiling at my trees. Yikes. Don't worrry, I did intend to go down there, I really didn't just find myself there, and not know how I got there... and it wasn't in the middle of the night either! Phew! Just thought I would clear that up!  The little white van, complete with hug me jacket is on the way!

So! What have I been up to? Well, more house painting. Its awful, it just goes on and on...and on and on.... I mean painting the rendering, not me!  Have you ever painted rendering.... Gawd! Painful! Remind me never to get another fully rendered house please!

Oh, goodness me, I would much rather do this kind of painting. I finally managed to finish these this week....

And I would definitely rather be doing this....

This is a kit I started quite some time ago (not one of my designs... I wish! ) She is lovely isn't she?

And of course I would rather spend my time tending these.....

Awhhhh! A baby aubergine!

Obviously, I would much rather be skipping about the garden rummaging amongst the beautiful bountiful blooms looking for faeries. Well Obviously!

Is there one here?

No......    Here?.......


What about here?....

Ahhhh, yes look! A little wish fairy hiding in the roses!  Sweet!

Now before I go, another big thank you! Thank you Jackie for sending me these wonderful goodies! You know I love them as I have already sent you an email, but of course I had to show them to all! A while back I won Jackies giveaway at her lovely blog, you can go and visit her HERE.

I couldn't believe how much you sent me Jackie, I was bowled over! look at all these!  There was so much I couldn't fit it all on a couple of photos... so.....!

Lovely owl bottle stoppers, ( their heads nod!), Notelets with thread flowers on them!, a tiny little dolly who's eyes actually open and close!, a little hoose too. Can you see Pinocchio? He is one of my favourite disney characters, a little gnome who will live with the pixies, and some chamomile tea for me to slurp with George!

A lovely card covered in gnomes, a really cute gnome bookmark, a tinsy sweet christmas decoration,  some rather fetching flower garlands and a gorgeous wabbit frame! Rabbits are featuring a lot in my life this week! Also a box which I thought had olive soap in it, but it actually had this little chap hiding in it......

And I wonder what is in this beautiful hand painted box and little present? Hmmmmm......

Gosh, how did all these goodies fit in that box! Even little tiny shells, and tiny star fish!

Some lovely golden lily body cream in a fairy bottle!

And finally this absolutely adorable stitchery, with such a warm and touching saying! Thank you Jackie and I hope I haven't missed anything out.... there was so much of it!

Thank you for visiting me, and until next Friday, I will send you all a sprinkling of fairy dust! Oh, and if any of you get the urge, you can pop here and help me with the painting, Ok? , No, I don't care if you live in another country, that is no excuse! Ha ha ha!

Love to you all, and don't forget to look up!

Suzie xxxxxxxxxxxxx :)