Thursday, 24 June 2010

Flowers, invisible horses and sadness too.

Hey! Thank you so much for your get well wishes... I think it worked too, as I do feel much better now!

What have I been up to this week?  Oh, you didn't ask did you? Well I will tell you anyway!  Despite feeling lousy, I got quite busy once I recovered a bit. Now lets see.  Oh yes! on Tuesday my bottom made a quick telephone call! Yes, it did... It rang George's car phone, but remained silent.. thank goodness!  Ha ha ha, I had sat on my phone!

I have been doing a bit more on my secret project...

Have been busy making lots of flowers....

And I finally had a go at making a brooch, as I have had some brooch pins for some time now! Does anyone else find themselves on occasion buying things, thinking that you will make lots and sell them or at least give as presents, but never get around to doing it?

I felted the wool onto the under felt, and attached beads, and of course a brooch pin too!

Now, you may not be aware of this, but I have an invisible horse. Those of you who are friends with me on facebook will already know!  Obviously, this door was absolutely no use whatsoever for an inquisitive horse now was it?

Let us out! Let us out!

So as part of the grand makeover which has just begun, we just had to have this door fitted.......


So now my beautiful invisible appaloosa horse (brown and white markings for anyone interested!  ;o), can trot to the door anytime he likes and gaze out of the window at the flowers, butterfies and bees!

Paula the lady who bred ralph our Old English Sheepdog, breeds these beautiful natured horses as well!  Click on this link If you like to ooohhhh and awhhhhh at puppies and horses!

And it looks so much cosier from the inside too!  I can't wait for a rainy day all snuggled up in the kitchen with a warming bowl of homemade soup, watching the rain pitter pattering down that little cutie window!

It really feels now, like we are finally starting to get somewhere with all thes jobs that need doing on this house!

Two thank yous this week and one sadness I am afraid.

Thank you Jacqueline for another one of your beautiful tags! Look at the cute owls peeps! You are a star, so kind thinking of little old me here in Lancashire with my dotty dogs and invisible horse!

Thank you too, to Star, who sent me these lovely mags for a giveaway I recently won at her lovely blog.  I shall have a good look through them as soon as I get a mo!  I have only managed to skim through them as yet! 

I still haven't got around to reading your book Jen, which I am sorry for! I haven't even answered your question about it yet... sorry! I am sure I will enjoy it and will report back to you when I have read it.  I noticed that you have done a wonderful post about 'four', which I will try and read later! X
I would like give a mention here to a lovely blog friend of mine Mollye, who suddenly and tragically lost her son Jake just over a week ago. It is at times like these when we need to show our love, support and care so much. I like Mollye very much, and often think of her, and send my love to her often, but right now I am sending her every ounce that I can squeeze out of me. Words are just inadequate really.  He sounded a truly amazing man, and you can read Mollye's beautiful tribute to him here. It made me cry.

It just makes me think once again, how every moment on this earth is precious, and how, when we are lucky enough to have people to love, we must love them with all we have got. We all take too many things for granted sometimes.

Love to you all.   Suzie xxxxxxxxxx