Thursday, 22 April 2010

When you wish upon a star.......

Happy Friday All!

Many thanks to those whose wished me and the lovely George a happy Anniversary... it was great! Also thank you to all my new friends (followers? Readers and friends,  I like those descriptions way more!) I appreciate each and every one of you, and do send you my bestest thanks! Yes, I did just say bestest! I am regressing and have decided to cooperate!

One of my Angel Angst stitcheries!

We spent our anniversary weekend relaxing and lolling about mainly. On Friday we had an Indian takeaway, which was one of the best I have tasted for a long time indeed! And... cover your ears all of you of a delicate disposition!......I ate the left overs for breakfast on Saturday morning, it was divine, it just tastes so much better the next morning! You will be pleased to hear that I did not have a beer with it though... not this time anyway ..ha ha!

In the evening on Saturday we ate in with candles and cava, music and smiles, and on the Sunday we ate out at a local Italian restaurant, which was reasonably good. I say reasonably, because being married to a undiscovered Michelin chef (No, he is not really, he is a computer manager!) we are quite fussy about our food! I haven't come across anyone who cooks as well as Chef George as of yet!

So, we had a lovely weekend, and you know it is good, when you really feel sad it is over and can't wait for the next time to celebrate. Mind you I don't need much excuse to celebrate, I would celebrate an ant walking across the floor if I got the chance! Hey, don't knock it.. that ant has a life too you know! Sometimes I just celebrate waking up in the morning!

Now it is St. George's Day sooo.......................!...................

Now, how did I meet George? Hmmmm... well, I was in a very unhappy state at the time, lost and pitiful... married, but the marriage had broken down and could not get back up, no matter how hard I had tryed. My husband then, without going into details, had caused me a lot of grief and heartache, and had a couple of times hit me. Anyway, lets just say, without any ill feeling, that the twenty year old me that married him, was ever so slightly disillusioned, and had found out the hard way that my marriage was not the Doris Day film I had hoped for!

It started with a kiss. NO it started with a slap across the chops (him to me I may add!)  on our wedding night, on the honeymoon ( when we got to our honeymoon destination, he hadn't booked anywhere to stay... it was 10pm ! And I cryed, then got slapped for crying!) and quite frankly it was a journey all the way down the slippery hill after that! I stuck it out for 6yrs, even though my Mum and Dad wanted me to leave him from the beginning, in fact they begged me not to marry him in the first place. It must have hurt like hell..... paying for a white wedding with top hats and tails, when you can't stand the groom of your daughter!  But you know how it is.. I thought  that nobody knew him the way I did! He was nearly 10 years older than me, and I hung on his every word!

Anyway, it was a Friday night, and in a moment of true despair, I wished upon a star... Please help me to know what to do I asked, please help me to be strong, please send someone or something to help me!

I adore Walt Disney's Pinocchio!

Well, on the Tuesday night my good friend Susan (of many, many years!) rang me up and asked me to go out with her for a drink. I didn't want to, I was too depressed, but she insisted, and off we went. It was February, a couple of days after my birthday, and it was snowing, and we rolled down some hills, being silly and giddy, laughing and throwing snowballs at each other. Suddenly my spirits lifted! I was young and full of boundless energy.

After we had had a couple of drinks, Susan decided to buy some chips, but that would mean using all the taxi fare, but being hungry, we went to get some. We started to walk back to my house, when she spotted some people getting into a car in the car park, and to my alarm she shouted out to them "Are you going to Carleton?". I looked at her amazed. " No, but he is" they shouted back pointing at some poor unsuspecting man fumbling with his keys. Next thing I knew Susan had run over to him, and before I knew it she was clambering into the car! So naturally ( he-hum, have you never been told not to get into a strangers car? Yoohoo! What are you doing?) I got in too.

This was me then, in THOSE dungarees with my first Old English Sheepdog Dylan, gosh I loved that dog!

The strange man drove us to Carleton and stopped by an avenue telling us that he lived down here, in other words, you can both get out now! Susan, who must have lost her sanity completely that evening asked if he would like to come to MY! house (Hello!) for a coffee. Anyway he did, and after our coffees, Susan went upstairs to go to bed, and I sat with the strange man talking, and talking and talking, telling him all, and he me, and at 8 in the morning, we were still talking. At 8 at night we were still talking, and into the night we were still talking, and talking! we talked for two whole days!  Then I thought perhaps I had better ask him to leave. For the records, there was nothing other than talking taking place here! Nothing but talking!  No eating either, except for a bit of marmite on some scraggy crusty bread I had. I had no money in those days! Come to think about it....

I was as thin as a stick (no food!), dressed in second hand (Susan's) scruffy old dungarees, with walking socks and a DIY haircut, psoriasis ridden, and stressed out. What a pitiful state I was and he still wanted to talk some more!

Yes, the strange man was George, and my wishing upon that star must have worked as we have been together ever since, and luckily he didn't turn out to be an axe man! That is how I met George! I didn't need a husband, or a traditional relationship. I needed a soul mate,and that is exactly what I got on the 7th February 1984!

Infact the day after I met George, one of our daughters who we were to adopt a few years later was born! Fate! All fate Sometimes, no all times,  I really believe we have help from real angels/forces! Of course, I don't make a habit out of getting into strangers cars, not usually anyway!, and certainly don't recommend it, but gosh, am I glad I did do that night!

So, thats all for another week, Go and wish upon a star... you never know!

Lots of love and good wishes   Suzie xxx