Thursday, 29 April 2010

The monster under the bed! I am losing my zzzzzzzzzzz s!


What have you all been doing since last week? Anything exciting?  Mr. Owl tree,  here at owl tree cottage is beginning to spring forth with leaf!

Mine has been a mixed week... poor George has gone all bent on me again, he is not straight at all!  He got in the car on Monday, stretched his leg on the clutch and did his back in again. Yes, he suffers from back trouble occasionally, and the strangest things can set it off! Once he was reaching for his toothbrush and it went on him big time! Poor George (big ahhhhhh here!), he has been in pain, and I have been in fits of laughter. I know, I know, thats awful, but he understands me after all these years, and my very strange sense of humour by now, and he deliberately trys to make me laugh by making comments!

I, very sadly have always been afflicted with inappropiate giggling!  I think it is nerves or something! For instance, when he came in from the car he told me that there were some children waiting for the bus across the road watching him struggle to get out of the car and then hobble to the house looking like he had had an accident in his pants! Then later on when he was coming down the stairs, very slowly and all hunched over, and I was trying so hard to contain myself,  he just had to say to me that I can laugh if I want, to which I reply... of course I won't laugh! Followed of course by the giggles and many apologies! Talking about apologies... what about Gordon Brown this week? Oh dear!

I on the other hand have had quite a good week on the back of it (sorry for the pun!). For one thing I have had his company for a few days, which is lovely!  And on wednesday night, he felt a lot better and ready to go back to work the next day ( he is so rarely off work sick, infact I always tease him and say that he schedules his flus, colds, etc., for weekends and holidays!) and we had a steak and wine, which we don't usually do mid-week! So I have enjoyed him being home and eating earlier in the evenings, having more time together...the weekends are so short and flash by so quickly... heavy sigh!  Last weekend we enjoyed yet another BBQ! The fresh sardine fillets were wonderful!

These veggie kebabs with the fresh prawns were delish!

Anyway, on the Monday night he could not get in the bed at all, and he slept on the armchair downstairs. He can sleep absolutely anywhere at all! (more George stories there! ), where as I on the other hand, can not! I have trouble with my sleep quite often. I am losing my zzzzzzzzzzzz s! In more ways than one! .... the z on my computer is on it's way out and I have to press really hard to get one, so soon I may be called Suie!  Bertie jumped on the keyboard and sent my little z  a flying!  I was reading THIS post (by a very lovely lady!) and it struck a cord with me. Also a lovely , lovely sweet friend on Facebook (if you are reading this, you know who you are! KAY!)  has trouble with the night time too.  During the day, mostly, I am a very positve and optimistic person... but when I go to bed there is a monster under my bed! I toss and turn, worrying myself to bits. Every single niggle or worry comes crashing in at night time, and my mind will not be still at all! Does this happen to any of you lovely readers? It is awful, and of course.. very very tiring!

 I love Dali!

I have always had the night terrors though, and when I do sleep.. I have very vivid and peculiar dreams.  Recently, the lack of sleep is becoming more prominent. Of course once you get it in your head, it is very hard to stop the cycle! But by gawd, isn't that bedroom ceiling so interesting! NOT!

During the day though I have been busy though! I have been making a start on the garden and have got some veggies ready for planting ( I have only raised a few seeds this year and the rest have had to be ready to plant plants, due to work being done in the house).  Room makeovers coming soon!  I must remember to take before pictures! I shall be doing a complete kitchen makeover on a very, very tight budget!

Been painting again.............

Also I have been finishing off this cross stitch that I started sewing several years ago, and haven't touched since. It is not one of mine.. I wish it was...tis beautiful indeed and really is wasted stuck in a draw all scrumpled up! It really does not need much work to finish it, so I really should do!  So I have been sewing this along side a few other sewing projects too.

Before I go I would like to give a mention to another Kay, who I know from facebook too!  She is a lovely person and I really like her a lot, so please go and visit her on her blog HERE. On her recent post she has said the most lovely things about me, I was truly touched by her words! She has done some lovely creations and said that one of her pieces featured in her post were inspired by me! Gosh Kay you are so kind and wonderful, I wish you lived near by! I would give you a big hug! Thank you.
Anyway Enough! Enough for this week folks, Let me know what you all have been up to, I am so awfully nosey you know!

Happy days to you all! Suzie xxxxxxxxxxx