Thursday, 1 April 2010

April Fool! And a happy Easter you you all!

Hello everybody!

How the devil are you all chaps?  Well and happy I hope!   Its Friday! Gosh How did that happen! No I am just April fooling... I know you are not all chaps, and this is not Friday!  Yes, this is thursday.... due to the holidays and other plans and obligations I shall be occupied with many goings on over the break, so if you don't hear from me, please don't think I have forgotten you. You are all always in my thoughts!

 A spring time stitchery, with one of my handmade buttons. And yes I really do believe that there are fairies at the bottom of my garden!

                                I love making the table spring like and cheery for Easter time!

Can you believe it is Easter already!??? 

Well it is April Fool's Day today isn't it?  Have any of you been playing Tricks on anybody?  I can be a bit of a practical joker at times... Once I dressed up an artist easel, complete with face, wig, boots, and even wavering fingers, and placed it behind My Mother's bedroom door, ready for her to come in from my Aunts in the evening. It had taken me all evening creating my fiend, I whiled away the hours humming to myself like an insane frankinstein, while occasionally giving out a little chuckle!  I kept giving it practice runs by pretending to be the 'victim' and rushing in to the bedroom to see the ghostly face and the fluttering fingers emerge from the darkness. By the time she came home, I couldn't attend the 'show' because I was on my bed in a helpless fit of hysterical giggles! .....When she finally got up from her bed, after recovering from the shock, she did see the funny side of my antics!

Carrying on from last weeks post, the next day after my operation ( when I was just about coming around) was April fools day, and looking at poor George's despairing face by my bed, (his body was actually there too!)  I decided to try to bring some humour into the situation (it was hard though!)... I said, after he had tryed to cheer me up by telling me of an April fools played at work, "well, I have had a right old one played on me this year"  "What??  what was it?"  he asked looking slightly confused.... "Well!"   I said ......."someone has nicked me boob!" His face brightened quickly, and the awkwardness of the situtaion was lifted, as he realised that I was still my daft old self! I was thinking of him really, because he must have felt so useless and helpless, and obviously didn't know how to, or whether to talk about the whole hideous affair! I couldn't bear to see him so lost and worried about me! I have always used humour to deal with lifes traumas, and when I stop you all have my permission to hunt me down and shoot me! I now am reconstructed, and secretly give myself the nickname of patchwork Frankie, as I am a mass of scars... my proud war wounds!  (Frankie after my creator.. Frankinstein, and patchwork I think is quite apt and actually rather amusing... as the stitcher has been stitched!)

                                 One of my stitcheries with alittle bit of Patchwork Frankie thrown into the mix!

Anyway folks, I really have been mad busy, what with Aunty Chaos (oops, sorry! But honestly, she really is!), home and my secret project! What will you all be up to at Easter? Rolling eggs? Flying a kite maybe? Hmmmm.......

Whatever you may all be doing... I wish you all a lovely Easter.

                                                  Awhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! !!!!!!!

Good egg!  Love and blessings to you all! Suzie xxx