Friday, 5 March 2010

Happy Friday! The Ides of March! George is happy to give out free smiles!

Happy Friday!

Another week flown by! Make that another month! March has marched in with the promise of spring, how wonderful is that? Very!

 The eyes of March! ha ha, Oh ok, the ides of March!  Hey, I get the feeling that we are being watched!  I don't always do cuties you know, and maybe this one is a little strange- just one of my mind doodles! This drawing demonstrates my love of eyes! The mirror to the soul! Every time I draw I always start with the eyes, a darn good place to start I think.

This week has been hectic, as I have been helping my Dad's cousin after her hip operation. we have had to get her from hospital and doing shopping etc.,  so I have not had much time to get on with anything else really.  We did manage to go to the pictures on wednesday evening to see Avatar in 3D,  using the Orange wednesday offer of 2 tickets for the price of one.  I loved it! It was a feast for the eyes... beautiful special effects, a wonderful fantasy of other worlds. Unashamed escapist fantasy and just what I needed this week!

Also, a reminder of how mankind seeks out to destroy anything that it does not understand, .... through ignorance, fear, power, greed or religion! I found myself starting (a little bit too loudly!) to protest at the screen in front of me at the cruelty and injustice of the treatment of these soulful and spiritual indigenous people, George had to jab me in the ribs and remind me that I was not at home! I was getting quite involved and emotional for their plight, which although of course is just a film, I was reminded of the terrible atrocities which mankind has committed on their fellow men, the abuse of others cultures, beliefs, customs and rights.

I am now looking forward to watching the wonderful, multi-talented Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderland. I can't wait!

Now for something completely different! Ta dah!.........


Now, remember no George has been harmed in the making of this production! (I still have his permission!)

Are we all sitting comfortably? Then I will begin....

A few years ago while we were away on holiday in Herefordshire, after an afternoon of driving to various beautyspots, we stopped off at a petrol station. George got out of the car and as you do at petrol stations, filled the tank. He then went into the garage to pay. Where is he? Ahh here is is now! Tom and I watched him walk towards our car, and then veer off in another direction. Tom looked a bit puzzled and asked me where the heck he was going? We both watched in amazement as he went towards a car which was a similar colour and style. What?!!!...... He got in the car, tryed to put the key in the ignition, shook his head, looked at the keys, tryed again. You could see the confusion on his face... why won't my keys work. We saw him lift his head slightly to look in the rear view mirror, and saw the look of horror on his face as he looked at the two bewildered children sat in the back seat looking at him!

By this time, Tom was crying with laughter, so was I, it was like watching something from the wonderful One foot in the grave. George had turned into Mr. Meldrew! What was really hysterical though was how casually he got out of the car, like it was the most normal situation in the world, and how he strolled (maintaining a casual stance) back to our car and got in, put the keys in the ignition, drove out of the garage and stopped a little further up the road to regain his decorum! Obviously, he was a more than a little skaken, as like he said, what if the driver and parent of the children had come out of the garage sooner and seen him apparently abducting their children!

I am afraid that neither Tom nor I were any comfort to him, as we were still in fits of giggles, even though it was a little scary too, as it did not look too good at all!  But everytime we thought about it or the subject came up again, we collapsed into fits of laughter.  Poor George never did live that one down!   he said when he looked into the mirror and saw the children, it took a minute for his brain to register that they were not the right children!  Or that they weren't those ages either! You would have thought he would  remember what our children looked like!

                                                        Our children, many moons ago!

Coming soon  ... (next week.) a blog near you..... George and the curious incident of the shopping trolley!

Hey everybody pop over to see Theresa at Faery Moon Creations, she is hosting  a wonderful Alice giveaway! Its Fab!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! What will you all be doing I wonder?

Love from Suzie. xxx