Friday, 19 February 2010

What kind of driver are you? And.. has your car got a name?

Hello all!

What a week! You get them sometimes don't you?  I know I do. I have been a bit stressed this week, but the trouble is I don't always know that I am stressed until I feel ill! For reasons that I feel I can't share, several different very personal situations have arisen these past few weeks which have been a bit of a strain.

 (Sometimes we just need some quiet time to reflect on everything. A time for inner inspection! A time to nurture the inner child.)

 Then after feeling like I have been juggling my emotions and my time, I went and got my first parking fine! I simply forgot to put my residents parking permit on show in the car park.  Of course it was because my brain was crammed full with people, emotions, etc., and I just wasn't thinking.

                  One of my stitcheries..Miss Happ. Very apt this week I think!

When I got home I found that Ralph the Old English Sheepie had stolen the pie which I had left on the side to defrost for tea, smashed a bowl and had attempted to eat the contents of the bin!
Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth!

Again, my fault, as 1.)   I know Ralph is a thief and therefore we never leave anything out and 2.)  I usually turn the bin round the other way when I go out.  In the evening I got one of my very sudden feeling ill sessions. boiling hot, bright red painful arm, temperature, and aching all over. I was giving off so much heat, that George got all happy, thinking we would get free heating from now on!  Finally, I realise that it must be when I am stressed, because the last time it happened was just before Christmas when I got stressed over getting my orders out on time, stockings, etc! It must cause a reaction in my Lymphodoema arm, (maybe because I get low and over-tired), as each time I get infection symptoms, but if I rest as soon as I get the first signs, it seems to correct itself without having to take the two weeks of penicillin!  I am a bit naughty, because If It happens and I get a temperature, and my arm goes red, I am supposed to go to the docs or the hospital, but I don't. Of course I would if the symptoms persisted though! I think I have to start being a bit stronger in myself when it comes to certain situations and people!  Anyway, getting a parking ticket got me thinking about the relationships we have with our cars!

One of my drawings, beep beep!

I am not the kind of person who's personality changes once they find themselves behind the wheel of a car. Ok, there have been occasional times when I may mumble under my breath... you could get a tank through there, or get out of the way! Generally though, no. What kind of of driver are you.... calm, cheery, grumpy, fast  ....slow?

I hate driving on the motorway, and every time I tell myself that I can stay in the slow lane if I want to, but every time I find myself over-taking everyone! I do like driving a bit too fast (nothing illegal!) and to have quite loud music on as I go along. Is it just me, but doesn't music sound really good in the car?

Yes, I have to admit, I have named my car, she is called Poppy. Anyone one else going to own up?!!! I bought this big daisy for her the other day, to brighten her (and my!) day.

 I love her, I really do, but I am thinking of selling her soon.  I don't really drive her enough at all, and I am seriously thinking I would be better with a bicycle!  If I can still remember how to ride one that is!  Why have a car you hardly use sitting in  the driveway, when you could have some much needed money for the house? Or what about this form of transport? Much more fun I think......although purely seasonal!

My brother and I in Nova Scotia, Canada.

At night, George won't allow me to drive, as I become as blind as a bat! Move over Mr. Maggoo! The on-coming head-lamps just dazzle me and make it so hard to judge widths, etc. Quite handy though when going out to an occasion though, as I get to be the one who can have that glass of vino or two!  George wonders if I have been putting it on all these years!

I have done some pretty silly things over the years too on the old driving front! Have you ever parked the car, and then on your return, have you got into the passengers seat? I have! And I had to do it when there was a man parked in front of me watching my every move! Hmmmm I thought, this isn't going to work at all! He was visibly amused as he watched me casually getting back out of the car and getting into the drivers seat.  I felt a right twit!  Another time I drove off after doing some shopping, and as I slowed down to leave the car park, a policeman rushed up to the car and knocked on my window. Oh  no I thought, what have I done now?  He smiled at me like I was a simpleton...." Do you know you have a cabbage on top of your car?" he asked me!

What about you? Any funnies or car names out there? I would love to hear them!

It is interesting how so many things now seem to be status symbols.....what type of car, mobile phone, label on clothes, seems to be so important these days to so many people. How sad. What happened to the worth of a person being dependent on character, actions and love, and not on silly superficial nonsenses! Yet, we see people more and more competing to have the latest fad!

What difference does it make to the person what kind of car they own, after all they are all still only  pieces of  metal on wheels, and one day will be rotting in some junk heap.

I love my car because it is cute, but a bicycle or a small runaround will do me fine!

Before I go this week I want to thank Jacqueline at Once upon a Fairyland  for sending me this beautiful card, pretty valentine token and a lovely tag. Pleas visit Jacqueline..she is a wonderful imaginative story teller. You really should write a book Jacqueline! Thank you so much, you made the end of a trying week turn into a more happy one... you can not imagine how you have cheered me up. It is so nice to find such kindness pop through your letter box!


AND! I was just about to publish this post when I have found out that I have been tagged by the very lovely Tracey at Tracey's crafty scraps to show the contents of my handbag, so I have just rushed to grab my camera!  Thank you Tracey for thinking of me!  Probably not very exciting , but here goes!

Umbrella, purse, lip shine, stamps,,cd (listened to in the car),  bus ticket, perfume, a button that had fallen off my jacket and of course a tissue!

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Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Huge big smiles and big servings of belly laughs to each of you!

Suzie. xxx