Friday, 12 February 2010

Valentines Day! Can you remember your first love?

Ahhh, Valentine's Day! Love is in the air!

One of my cross stitch designs!

 It is only a few days ago that it was 26 years since I met my husband George. Where did you meet him, people often ask me. Was it at a pub? At a family do, or a friend's? Or was it at the ideal place to meet your future partner (according to my Mother's advice!!!), at the library!? No, it was not..... It was in fact in a car-park. I know ... how romantic! ahhhh!

Ahhh somebody loves me!


Do you remember your first love? I most certainly do remember the mix of torture and love! I do believe being in love (or infatuated, Mum's words again!) is akin to mental derangement!! You can't eat, or sleep and the object of your attention, said spotty boy, has taken possession of your mind like a whirling devil that will not get out of your head! Your head is crammed full of this obsession, until you think you can see him everywhere and when you do.. legs go to jelly, your heart skips a beat and you feel slightly eurthoric!

Ah, my first love was 3 years older than me, I was fifteen , and by todays standards I was very innocent and naive. I day-dreamed constantly of what the first kiss would be like and how it would be to go out with him. Oh yes, in my head it was going to be perfect, he would be my knight in shining armour, and with his magic sword he would cut through my terrible shyness  to uncage and free my true spirit and personality.

At last! He asked me to go to his works do with him. Panic! Panic!, "Mum what can I wear to such a grown-up function, and what about my feet???"  No I haven't got some terrible foot odour! You see, he was so short! I am not over tall at just under 5' 4", but he was shorter than me! Yes, I do wonder now, how he, the knight ever got on that snorting steed!  Don't worry says Mum, we will go shopping! And shopping we went! My lovely Mum bought me a gorgeous long black velvet dress, very simple with a princess bodice, and we searched and searched for some flat shoes that were suitable.

The big much dreamed of night finally arrived, and he pulled up in his mini to whisk me away in his strong and confident arms. What fun we would have! .....What fun?    No really, what fun? ........Errrrr none!

It turned out that he was as painfully shy as I was, and all the way to the venue (which started to feel like the longest journey of my life!) not a word was spoken. At the dance, the conversation really began to flow. "Would you like a drink" ... "yes please"... "thank you".  What witty company we were! On the way back, I desparately tryed to look interesting, but failed miserably. I kept thinking to myself, "say something, for gawds sake act like you have a brain!"  We pulled into my driveway, he leaned towards me. Oh my goodness I thought, the kiss! The kiss is surely on its way. He hasn't gone off me after all, my shy boringness has not put him off!  He looked at me, tilting his head, he gave a small peck, and then just as he was about to deliver the much longed for kiss.......I ducked! Yes, you heard me right, I ducked right out of the way!  He said goodbye, I said goodbye. then trying so hard to keep my decorum I walked into the house, shut the door behind me and then burst into tears, ran upstairs and cryed myself to sleep! I felt such a fool! It had turned out to be a painful experience and in no way did the evening match all those old romantic films that I loved so much, such as Doris Day and Cary grant!

Years later I bumped into him, I nearly walked past, not recognising him at all. After I had finished talking to him and was walking away, I really could not see what I had seen in him at all!

Was your first love a wonderful experience or a painful affair?  Is anyone doing anything exciting for Valentine's Day?  Do you get flowers and roses, or nothing at all!!! We don't get each other anything, but we will have a special meal in. Any excuse for a celebration hey!  You bet!

One thing that I don't love is doing the ironing! So Look what I bought to entice myself to the board.....


Gosh! It does make me feel much better about the ironing ...... A bit of an unashamed pretty extravagance, a Cath Kidston ironing board cover, but it was part of my birthday money, so....!

I have been busy trying it out, once I had climbed to the top of  Ironing Mountain that is!

Anyone care for a sweet? No not you Ralph! Look at that beautiful big black nose!

 Have a wonderful weekend all you lovely Peeps!  If you are doing anything nice for Valentine's,  have a lovey dovey time! Thank you to all of you too for taking time to visit me and leave all those wonderful comments, I really, really enjoy reading them all!

Oooooh something else is happening this weekend too! Happy Birthday Penny for Sunday! Hope it is a lovely, lovely day for you! xxxxx

Lots of love to you all, Suzie xxx :)