Friday, 5 February 2010

My birthday week! Whats your perfect birthday?

Greetings Earthlings!

What a lovely birthday week I have had! Thank you to all of you who have sent me birthday wishes! George has had a few days off this week, so it seems like my birthday every day, so I am sorry if I haven't been keeping up to date with all your wonderful blogs! How would you like to spend a dream birthday?

This week though I have squeezed in enough time to make something for Lissylou's good cause. You can find further info about this here! I hope this is the kind of thing she was thinking of, I designed it specially for her, so she will be receiving the prototype!


Now then, what have I been up too?  Oh yes!  One evening we decided that we would go for a drink at a local pub and then try out a new Thai takeaway..... so I set the table with a Thai (ish!) theme, well more Chinese really! Our brother in-law is chinese mandarin, and our niece brought us the lovely chopsticks.......



....... but the Thai was closed, so we drove to Blackpool (4 miles away) to look for a Thai, but the one we found looked a bit iffy! What to do?  Well go for greek of course! So Greek we had, on a thai table and very nice it was too!
My birthday was lovely, one of the nicest ever, lots of birthday wishes, this lovely card from Penny at The hen house, isn't it gorgeous?  Penny made it, she is so clever! 

Next to it you can see a card from my lovely friend Ro ( I can't leave a link, as her blog is acting up, well it is for me anyway! sorry Ro, I have tryed to read it a few times now!) who also sent me a wonderful scrapbook made about 27 years ago, about me and her and our time working  in the Civil service.

I was a very lucky birthday girl and got these beautiful flowers off one friend....

And from another friend this fab cushion.....

This book and cd too ......

Very good cd!
While George has been off we have been attempting to sort out insurance.... so George was on the phone answering some ( a lot!) of questions about his health, after which he was accepted on the spot. He was giving me the thumbs up from across the room.  Next was my turn for the interrogation! Now, since my diagnosis I have not really had any insurance because a) It is almost impossible to get any company to insure me  ( I remember being told that after five years you can be, not sure though!) and b) the ones that are willing are ridiculously expensive. I am considered a high risk. so, George smiling to himself as he hears me saying no, I haven't had that, and no not that either. Question, cancer, erhhhh yes, hmmmm, any breathing problems, or chest complaints, errrr yes, very mild asthma....hmmmmm,  any heart conditions?  Errrrr..... a heart murmur, but!   I say in a jolly voice, only when I lie down!  Hmmmmmm.....have any of your parents died before the age of 65?  Errrr.... yes both, from cancer. Hmmmmmm.....! By this time George is trying to hide his laughter, and stands up and gives me a ......

What a wonderful likeness George!

Needless to say I was not accepted on the spot, I will be getting more forms and questions! And then an expensive quate, no doubt!

Quite funny really!   I think I will concentrate on something much more pretty and pleasant!

Ahhhh thats better! Back in La la land where I belong!  The land of sweet imaginings, and beauty! 

Well, I am off now, to enjoy the rest of my birthday week. How greedy is that, to make your birthday go on all week!  I don't mind being one year older at all,  I am just so happy to be allowed to get older! 

What is your perfect birthday, how would be your ideal way to spend it?

I will try so hard to catch up with all of the blogs this weekend!  
Have a wonderful happy weekend everyone!  Love to you all. Suzie. xxx