Friday, 26 February 2010

I have a confession!......

Hello all you rather wonderful peeps!

Hope you all have had a good week, and I am so sorry if I have not been commenting as much, but I have been helping, visiting and getting my Dad's 80year old cousin to hospital for a hip op. It has turned itnto quite a chaotic affair, thus adding to stress levels here at Owl tree cottage!  To be polite... lets just say, to quote one of the nurses, she is an extremely strong minded woman. Enough said!  Also, I have been recovering from my last bout of incredible red expanding armitis!

Before I get onto my confession, here is a little drawing I have done this week, tis about the only thing I have managed to do all week on the old creative side! I will probably be turning her into a stitchery at some point in the future!

A confession I hear you ask, what could it be?  Oooh I feel so quilty!  Ok, here goes.... I am so far from perfect, and have been guilty of showing you all the best bits, the pretty bits. Just as I like soft gentle music and then the next minute I am listening to ear drum shattering heavy music, or wearing a pretty monsoon number and the next donning my scruffs, or worse still ... my pyjamas (oh yes!), I tend to live life in a constant state of everything!

I aspire to the idea of living in a gorgeous beautiful world, but sometimes it just doesn't happen, partly due to lack of money and deifnitely due to my personality! In my home, there is a huge pile of ironing, jobs that need finishing, jobs that need starting! Messy corners. It is a mix, just like me!  I also have a wonderful  Job Creation Team (see facebook!).  You see, the handbag I showed in my show us your handbag post, was my newest , most prettiest one. And as I have only just made it, I have filled it with pretty things. It just hasn't been contaminated by my haphazardness yet!

I would love all my handbags to be filled with interesting, lovely bits and bobs like these.....

My little compact mirror, sparkly earrings and an owl charm (which has fallen off my mobile phone!) and a sweet rose quartz heart!

But the reality is most of my other handbags are filled with this!.....

Yum, those minstrels were good! loose change, receipts, and free pen! Even an old poppy!

Oooh nice! Pooper scooper bags, now thats more like it! nice pen though! Old tickets...

Tickets to grand designs show (3 years ago!) , a small tube of toothpaste, an old ticket and some tissiues...probably so that I can wipe that dog's nose that I keep in my handbag too! hee hee!

Now! I feel cleansed of my blogging sins! Ha ha, I am sat in my pyjamas right now!

Each week, for a few weeks, I have decided that I shall share a George story with you all to cheer your days!

PUBLIC WARNING: No Georges were harmed in the telling of this tale! (I have his permission!)

This little tale is told to illustrate how at times I can be a bit daft and well,  frankly,  askew!

A few years ago, George was awaiting an important phone call from a possible future employer. He told me to expect the call and stressed how excited he was about the possibility of another interview.

Anyway, the phone rang, I picked it up and the man at the other end of the receiver, after a short introduction, asked for George. I replied in my very best and polite voice ....." I'm sorry, I'm not here at the moment". There was a silence, followed by a small giggle from me, followed by another stifled giggle,  followed by a full on wholehearted guffaw. I just COULD not stop! I manged to force out "I'm sorry", but he put the phone down. He was obviously not amoosed!

I think I have had this stitchery on before , so if I have... sorry!

George never heard from him again, he told me that he may have had the chance of an second interview, but the man had obviously decided that his wife was a complete nutter! Well, you know what they say... behind every successful man....sorry George, you have a buffon behind you!

He didn't mind really though, as it would have meant moving away, and we were not at all sure of doing that.

Coming soon.... George's hilarious car story! Its a good one, so stay tuned!

Until next week, a big thank you to all of you who read my silly blog, those who leave such wonderful comments, (some even comment every week!), no fail, and to all my followers too (I really don't like that expression, it is a bit weird! like I either have a line of people trailing behind me, or I am some type of head of a loopy cult!)  Anyway, I really, really do appreciate you all so much! Thank you!

Suzie. xxx