Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Tagged for a MeMe and a special thank you to an Angel!


Anyone who knows me, knows I only ever post on a Friday but I have been tagged by the very lovely Mummy Mad at TheMadHouse to tell of ten things that I enjoy doing that are free! Thank you so much Mad Mummy for thinking of me! Go over and visit her, her blog is wonderful and you really will feel like you have popped home for a cup of tea and a chat. Very warm and cosy! I love the Mad Mummy! In fact I would choose to tag her but that would just be plain silly!

So here goes!

1: Breathing! I wouldn't be without it! But seriously, I love smelling wood smoke, autumn leaves and the subtle changes in the air when the seasons change. Smells can work on the emotions sometimes, they can bring back someone who has gone from this earth and rekindle childhood memories too.

2:  Daydreaming! I love going off in my mind in a story, or just drifting through meandering thoughts!

3: Drawing (ok, I need a pencil and paper!) , but being able to draw has always been present in my life and especially when I was younger, I used to escape with my pencil quite often!

One of my drawings.

4: Dreaming- when I sleep I have very vivd dreams, and sometimes I remember 3 or 4 in a night. I used to write them down, but for some reason during my chemotherapy, I seemed to stop dreaming, or rather I couldn't remember them. They are beginning to re-emerge now after nearly 6 years, and I am so happy about that. I must say though that my dreams are very strange mostly, but it is like going on an adventure or sitting through a surreal movie for free!

5: Being brought a pot of tea every morning by my husband! Yes every morning he delivers a steamy hot pot of tea, complete with a china mug, jug of milk and tea cosy too! That is one of those pleasures in life which I never tire of and always appreciate with a relish!

6: Stroking my dogs- there is something very cosy and calming about stroking a beast! To develop a special, warm and loving relationship with what in effect is just that- a beast- is just wonderful and precious. Anyone who owns a dog will tell you that their ability for understanding and communicating with you is amazing! Nature right here in my own home!

Ralph! The beast!

7: Nature and walking - I love walking and I love nature, so bliss! The two go so well together, and it is very uplifting and mending to walk through trees and beautiful landscapes. When I feel low, George forces me out! And it really is like a tonic for the soul! Just as I love watching the nature in my garden, feeding the birds and watching all the miraculous goings on! Is it just me (I think not!) but after I have spent time digging about in the soil I feel almost spiritual, grounded and part of something huge! I also enjoy watching my friend's chickens... what characters!

8:  I would like to say sewing, but of course like drawing , it is not completely free! I love being creative, using my hands to make something that was not there before appear into the world!  I also enjoy turning something that has outlived it's use into something usable.

9: Singing! - Now! I am not a singer. The sound which dances, or rather stumbles from my chops is probably not a pretty sound! In fact I think I saw one of the dogs put their paw over their ears once! But I love music, all types, really everything! Loud, quiet, rock, folk, jazz, clasical... the list goes on. So, natuarally or not, singing kind of goes with it! I love good lyrics, and I love singing them too! That may be why I like my music so loud so that even I can't hear my racket!
10:  Improving my mind, learning about other people's ways, beliefs, customs. I really can't stand ignorance, racism or intolerance and I enjoy to find out what makes other people tick. It is fascinating! I actually really do wish for a huge melting pot! I particularily love the buddhist way of living and thinking, and I have said before that it is more of a philosophy than a religion. I dream of a day when I am as serene and together as this.....!

When I was little I used to whisper my secrets into his ears! His ears are long, so I figured they would hold more information!

Right! Now I will tag some peeps:

Tracey at Tracey- crafty scraps, she is so funny and lovely, always brings a smile to our faces even though, it must be hard for her sometimes. A true star!

Ro at Bitchin Witch She is one on her own, and a friend of many years too. She is imaginative, fun and not your norm, which I really love!

Kay at Finding my way. Kay has become one of my bloggie and facebook friends, I love her attitude and enjoy visiting her blog to read her wonderful words on life! I also enjoy poking her on facebook daily too! Yes, I really like Kay!

I would like to tag  Penny at the hen house, but she already has been tagged!

Michela at Little secrets from my garden  - Michela is a truly lovely soul, generous and caring. Everybody loves Michela!

Mollye at Mizmollye, another lady who I have come to think of as a friend! Her stories are amazing, witty and charming. Mollye is lovely!

Pomona at Little Cottage Comforts- Pomona is just so wonderful with words! I enjoy reding her very thoughtful posts. I would love to hear what she writes about this!

Finally but not at all least! I would like to thank Angel at Kissed by an Angel for recieving her lovely giveaway in the post the other day. She has just been in hospital and so I have hung off thanking her as she was computerless in there! And probably a bit groggy too! I have just had a quick peek on her blog and she is back home! so welcome home Angel hope you see this thank you!

Look at these goodies!

Now how did you know that I hadn't bought a calendar yet for this year! You must be a mind reader Angel! Also a yummy recipe book! Hmmmmm, making me hungry!

Take a look at this wonderful aborigine art magnet! wonderful!

And , oh yes! scrumptious treats, The whole bag of clinkers is now in my tum! Not the bag of course though! I did stop to open it first! Those clinnkers were addictive Angel!

Thank you so much Angel, you are so kind! I wish you a speedy recovery!

See you all on Friday, if you can take me twice in one week that is!

Love to you all Suzie. xxx :)