Friday, 15 January 2010

Tag you are IT again!

Gosh is it Friday again already?  Yes, apparently it is! It will be time to get the chrissy decorations out again before you know it!

I have been busy sewing as usual, and have just been drawing a set of seasons stitcheries. But first I will finally get around to sewing this design which I drew a while ago now.

Also I started sewing some curtains for my living room,but then a my friend gave me some that she didn't want anymore so now I have half a curtain and a proper pair! Like waiting for that bus hey, waiting for ages ,not a one in sight and then two come at once!

Since my unexpected post on Tuesday I have been tagged again, this time by the very lovely, interesting and highly readable blogger The Girl at Living with a Boy. Honestly a blog well worth the visit, such a unique talent for writing darn good stuff!  Anyway I have to list 10 things which make me happy, so (some are the same as my last list) here goes!:

1. My home-- I may be the most boring person in the world, but there is nowhere I love being more than my home. I love making it into a cosy little nest, and this house is an ongoing project, but bit by bit it is getting there!  Anything associated with home makes me all warm and fuzzy inside- baking, cooking.....Watching my veggies grow in the patch is excruciatingly happy making!

 We are actually trying to keep growing the odd edible delight during the winter too!

2. The long suffering George who has put up with me all this time and been there through some very dark times. He is like a still water in a stormy night, calm, unruffled, deep and re-assuring. I love his nature, his outlook on life, oooh errrr.... and his cooking!  He is tolerant, understanding, forgiving and a truly good and wise soul.

3. Like The girl, I love marmite! You either love it or hate it, well I love, love love it!  YUM. But what happens is that you start off by spreading it rather thinly, but then an addiction takes place and the spreading goes on thicker and thicker! Ooooh marmite on a big crust of bread, because I also love crusts and sometimes in our house there is just the middle bit of the loaf left, and a rather guilty looking me sat in the corner with marmite round my chops!

4. Well obviously being able to create,  thats a no-brainer!  I love making things! I only wish I had at least 12 arms so that I could be faster at it and get more done!

5. Nature, which includes animals, walking, gardening and anything that involves getting close to the nitty gritty of life and getting dirt on you!

My children when they were younger on one of our many hikes!

6. I have to say again music! To me it is like a medicine for my soul, I could not imagine a life without it!

7. Anything 1920's, I love the flappers, the fabulous clothes, the furniture, architecture, the dancing and just the general atmosphere of that era!

This is a drawing of a coat which I have, It is very 1920's! Well the real coat is more so than this drawing!

8. Eccentricity and observation- I love eccentric people, like my all time favourite- Quentin crisp! He was a natural observationalist with a wonderful slant on life!  Also I really enjoy Alan Bennett's wonderful writings, especially the Talking Heads series, but all of his wonderful observational works will make me happy!

 Quentin Crisp, now sadly has left this earth, what a wonderfully original man he was!

9. Watching lots of movies, especially the older ones - Doris Day, Cary grant, Bobe Hope (fantastic one-liners!) James Stewart, etc. I just adore them! Like music though,  I enjoy a varied choice -  new and old alike.

10. Finally all types of comunication.... anything that makes me laugh, as I so do love a good laugh. Sometimes when things are not so funny, I am lucky enough to be able to seek out the funny side and still smile.  I also love nothing more than a deep and meaningful conversation about the universe, the paranormal and all that is mysterious, this fascinates me... like where does space end?

Also People with a good attitude and a sense of humour are treasures, and if that goes side by side with a tolerant nature and openess and compassion to all things, then I admire them hugely and,  yes, knowing that there are people just like that in our world today makes me fill up with happiness!

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Tag you're it!  If I didn't get you this time watch out! I can't wait to read everyone's lists! Now where did I put that marmite?

Until next Friday have a jolly spiffing week chaps!

Suzie. xxx