Friday, 29 January 2010

Oh where did you get that hat, where did you get that hat!

Happy Friday to you all!

How are you all, did you have a good week? I hope so!  What have you all been up to since last Friday? I have been quite busy, thanks for asking!!  I know you all really want to know! Hmmm... maybe not, but I am going to tell you anyway! Ha ha! You can't escape that easily.

Hmmmmmm....... what's this then I wonder?

I have been thinking of what to make for LissyLou for her Red for Heart day which is on the 26th February. Some of us, like myself are helping Lissy by making or giving red items for her to sell on the day. This is a worthy cause, so if any of you are interested , then pop over to Lissy's blog and take a look! I was thinking that I may make something like this heart.  What do you think?

This week I have been busy creating. No, not creating havoc! Oh, ok then, maybe just a bit! First of all I made some curtains for my bedroom. I made them out of a sheet and used the lining from the old curtains. What do you think hey?


An open and shut case really!

I made some curtains for the living room last week, but they are not finished yet, so you are not allowed to see them yet!  They are actually up at the window.... unhemmed and unkempt, and may stay that way for quite some time, until I find the drive to finish them off!  Remind me not to attempt curtains for large windows again! I was worn out hoisting all of that material around!

Also this week, I picked up my knitting needles to attempt to knit myself a hat. Yes I know, I am not the most experienced knitter in the world, but I though, hey! Why not?  I rooted out some yarn which I have had since the year dot and found a pattern, and off I went, clickety clack, clickety clack all evening until I made this.....


So sorry about the model! I tryed to get one of the dogs to don my creation, but they weren't having any of it! Just ignore the bit underneath, avert your eyes people! Aghhhhhhh! Wrinkles! No, not wrinkles... lets call them laugh lines! I know, I know, I have done an awful lot of laughing! Hmmm, maybe a little too much!  I don't know why it surprised me that I can knit a hat, I did, after all, knit a tea cosy. Actually I could have used that pattern! If I kept the slits at each side for the handle and the spout,  I could have had my ears sticking out of the hat! Now then everybody... do you think it needs a bobble?

Before I say Ta ta for another week I must say thank you for two lovely sunshine awards from two wonderful bloggy friends! One of them is from the lovely Sharon at Bliss Knits. Thank you so much Sharon , you are so kind! Go and visit her, she has a wondeful blog.


 The other is from The Girl, who was worried on her blog, that I may mind her thinking of me as her blog Mum! I actually think that is lovely, and at least she doesn't think of me as her Blog Gran! Phew! Mind you after seeing the photo... well!  Please go and check out her blog, it really is well worth the visit!

I am hoping that all who visit will take the award and pop it onto your blogs. Many of the blogs I follow now have this award, but I wish them all to have it, as I love them all! I hate having to choose! I really don't like it, they are all so good, that is after all why I follow them. Also I have made a few lists lately about my loves and my happys too!

Finally, please go and look at these two blogs, Dolliedaydreams and My Passport to Style, they are both having a virtual Tea Dance fundraiser for Haiti aid. Get your dancing shoes on and head over to join in the fun!

Thank you for visiting me today at my humble blog! Until next week, have a happy weekend and enjoy whatever it is you are going to be doing!  It is my birthday on wednesday next week, so I shall tell you what I have been doing next week!

Love and hugs Suzie. xxx