Friday, 8 January 2010

The north wind doth blow and we shall have snow angels!

Hello everyone!

Old Man Winter is definitely taking hold this year, snow, snow and more snow! I love it of course, because it reminds me of my childhood in Canada.


One of my drawings, a little tatty I'm afraid!

It is beautiful, magical and does not happen too often in Lancashire, so I am enjoying it. Then again,  I do have the benefit of working from home, and so far the snow which is affecting many parts of the country badly, is not causing a great problem where I live, so luckily has not stopped me from doing anything as yet!  It just looks incredibly pretty! Jack frost has been a busy little man!

Isn't this gorgeous, I found it on the internet. It is not one of mine.... sadly!

Winter to many people is a bleak time,  the season where all seems dormant and, some may say... dead. The ground is frozen, autumns leaves lie moulding, leafless twigs and branches waver in the cold icy winds. Gardens appear so sad compared to their full and lush appearance in the summer months. Yes, it all looks a bit sad don't you think?   Nothing is happening out there at all. But wait, what is this?

Buds all over the place... waiting for the spring!

No, it is only slumbering, and as our bodies do when asleep, replenishing and preparing for the next adventure.  At each turn of a moment all is changing... ever moving, turning in endless circles, soon to be re-born again into what appears to resemble a replica of last years glory,  but yet completely different ... new leaves, fresh flowers.

A view of my home from halfway down the garden.

 Change is an inevitable and inescapable presence in all of our lives. We can not hide from it. I could sit in a room all day and refuse to come out, ignoring the world, and still change will manifest all around me and to me! Just like the seasons coming and going, just as our cells in our bodies are not the same ones that we used to have, we are constantly changing. This is scary, but fascinating at the same time.

Now, I am no spring chicken any more, and like the winter garden,  perhaps I look like I need some attention! Sometimes I am feeling quite ancient like my old Owl Tree! Wisdom to follow I hope!

However, I sometimes feel like I am swapping my ever disappearing youth with an ever growing mind and spirit. I am nurturing my creativity and zest for life into a bursting flower. This to me, is how winter is. Underneath and behind what appears to be a faded vista,  is a hive of activity and life, busy in preparation for a new refreshed world ready to burst out in the spring. Winter is a time of hidden miracles!

Winter fills me to the brim with excitement for the year to come... planning my garden, looking forward to watching it waken slowly from its wintery sleep, getting my home decorated and sorted out, and inventing new projects to craft and sew! Cosy times at home spent next to a roaring fire eating heart-warming stews. I love the changing of the seasons, and their constant reminder for me to accept gracefully the changes that life brings each day.

Time to enjoy our homes and cosy comforts! One of my cross stitch designs.

Life is a journey and an adventure, one which should be embraced, bad times as well as good. All of our joys, trials and tribulations are what make up our Auto-biographies. Wouldn't our books make rather boring reading if every day our lives just plodded on and on? Our books are more likely to be stuffed full with the richness of life... our sadnesses, success and failure, our loves, our work, talents...laughter and tears. Each day our individual history, unique and precious is constructed. Once a page is written, it is there for all time in our book for better or for worse.

One of my Angel Angst stitcheries! Hmmm, my halo has slipped on occasions too!

We may not always hold control of  every word printed onto the pages of our life-story but we can decide whether we are the hero or the villian, whether we wish to reflect on events with bitterness or with grace. In other words, how we wish to react to each of our pages. We do have that choice at least.

So my New Years resolution for 2010 is to write a new chapter, one which has had some thought put into it!
This chapter will be about making the most of each moment, being aware of  the hidden magic that is very much there even if we forget to look for it sometimes! I intend to laugh a lot and jump in puddles much more often! Whatever life throws!  One of my favourite sayings is "Life is a tragi-comedy..... and you are the star!"

What are your New Years resolutions? Tell me!

Before I wander off for another week, go and have a look at Theresa's fantastic  January Jubilee giveaway at Faerie Moon Creations! It is well worth a look believe me, this lady is so talented!

Well until next week I wish you all to be allocated at least one snowman or lady, and I hope that the weather is not causing you any headaches. Oh and don't forget, if you get the chance.... have a snowball fight, make a snow-angel and laugh until you cry!

Love and blessings to you all!

Suzie. xxx :)