Friday, 22 January 2010

Haiti, It could have been any one of us!!

Halo again!

No that wasn't a typo..... Yesterday morning I was sipping my warming early morning cup of tea, tucked up in my cosy bed, safe and sound, when on the radio I heard a man telling of a rescue he had carried out in Haiti, He heard a noise coming from underneath the rubble of people' s homes and lives, and he quickly set about digging and pulling the debris out of the way... he saw a hand of a woman reaching out to him, and he said when he grabbed hold of her hand it was like holding the hand of God.

A woman who has just been rescued from a collapsed building is smiling and joyful to be found alive!

In amongst the grief and the suffering comes a miracle to show us once again how precious the gift of life really is. It is a reminder of how we are all so vunerable and no one is ever promised an easy time of it. Those of us who are tucked safe and sound in countries which are not prone (yet) to natural disasters or severe poverty, or any kind of extreme hardship or suffering are truly very lucky to have been born in such a fortunate place. Any one of us could have been born elsewhere and could be right at this moment undergoing the emotional and physical agony which has befallen the people of Haiti.

So it cheers me greatly to know that there are living angels in this world of ours, people reaching out at times like these to help others in need. Hence my greeting to you all! I know that not enough is getting to Haiti, but still there are many people donating and trying in many ways to help. There are even tiny ways that can help, like on Ebay for instance, when making a payment at the moment there is an option to add £1 to your payment for Haiti. Ok! It doesn't seem much, and some may think well I can't give enough so it won't make any difference. But just imagine if everyone using Ebay added that £1 each, that would amount to quite a sizeable sum!

I have copied and pasted this from Theresa at Faerie Moon Creations, such a good idea for such a good cause!
"In case anyone is interested, there is a lovely group on etsy~ is a collaborative of etsy sellers who have donated items to be sold with 100% of the funds going to Doctors without Borders. Over $10,000 has been raised so far! I posted about it recently:"

Can any of us imagine suddenly losing everything, relatives, homes, community?  The only slight understanding that I have of it, is from George's family's story. His parents came over during the war from Poland. But before they arrived here they had had to leave their homes, land,  possessions... just leave... families split up for ever. Georg'es Mum had to travel across Siberia, she watched her Mother and Sister starve to death, and her other Sister went to America. So who can even contemplate the plight of the poor souls in Haiti right now as I write this.

Yes, we can become very complacent when all seems to be ticking along nicely! People moan and complain about the most ridiculous things, like being stuck in a queue ( I think.. you are lucky to be able to stand in a queue! Look at the looting going on in Haiti!), at least they are not in a hospital waiting for some awful procedure! Can you imagine the terror of being buried in the rubble of a building?  It makes the plane being late a little trivial doesn't it? The times I have seen impatience and rudeness because people are in such a rush, no smiles for anyone, just grumpiness and unpleasantness. Thank goodness that there are many, many lovely, pleasant , kind and patient people out there too! The trouble is I am afraid to say, that many people now are just plain spoilt!  We in the west generally have everything  we need, sometimes to abundance... too much food, too many possessions, and yet people don't seem to be very happy about it do they?!

 I am a extremely lucky person! Yes, I know like many people  I have had many, many sadnesses in my life, (many I can't even bring myself to talk of),... but gosh I am darn lucky!  Do you know why? Because so far in my life, my home hasn't been destroyed in a natural disaster, I haven't been through a world war, or tortured, nor have I  been without food or water, clothes..... or love. I wasn't born in Haiti...but I could so easily have been.  If that isn't lucky, then I don't know what is!

Watch out for angels!  They don't always have wings.

Sorry, not a very cutesy post this week (except for that adorable kitten pic!),  but a post to reflect on my blessings and all those angels without any wings, wearing their halos and walking this earth. Can we have some more please!

Until next Friday lots of love and blessings to you all.

Suzie. xxx