Friday, 29 January 2010

Oh where did you get that hat, where did you get that hat!

Happy Friday to you all!

How are you all, did you have a good week? I hope so!  What have you all been up to since last Friday? I have been quite busy, thanks for asking!!  I know you all really want to know! Hmmm... maybe not, but I am going to tell you anyway! Ha ha! You can't escape that easily.

Hmmmmmm....... what's this then I wonder?

I have been thinking of what to make for LissyLou for her Red for Heart day which is on the 26th February. Some of us, like myself are helping Lissy by making or giving red items for her to sell on the day. This is a worthy cause, so if any of you are interested , then pop over to Lissy's blog and take a look! I was thinking that I may make something like this heart.  What do you think?

This week I have been busy creating. No, not creating havoc! Oh, ok then, maybe just a bit! First of all I made some curtains for my bedroom. I made them out of a sheet and used the lining from the old curtains. What do you think hey?


An open and shut case really!

I made some curtains for the living room last week, but they are not finished yet, so you are not allowed to see them yet!  They are actually up at the window.... unhemmed and unkempt, and may stay that way for quite some time, until I find the drive to finish them off!  Remind me not to attempt curtains for large windows again! I was worn out hoisting all of that material around!

Also this week, I picked up my knitting needles to attempt to knit myself a hat. Yes I know, I am not the most experienced knitter in the world, but I though, hey! Why not?  I rooted out some yarn which I have had since the year dot and found a pattern, and off I went, clickety clack, clickety clack all evening until I made this.....


So sorry about the model! I tryed to get one of the dogs to don my creation, but they weren't having any of it! Just ignore the bit underneath, avert your eyes people! Aghhhhhhh! Wrinkles! No, not wrinkles... lets call them laugh lines! I know, I know, I have done an awful lot of laughing! Hmmm, maybe a little too much!  I don't know why it surprised me that I can knit a hat, I did, after all, knit a tea cosy. Actually I could have used that pattern! If I kept the slits at each side for the handle and the spout,  I could have had my ears sticking out of the hat! Now then everybody... do you think it needs a bobble?

Before I say Ta ta for another week I must say thank you for two lovely sunshine awards from two wonderful bloggy friends! One of them is from the lovely Sharon at Bliss Knits. Thank you so much Sharon , you are so kind! Go and visit her, she has a wondeful blog.


 The other is from The Girl, who was worried on her blog, that I may mind her thinking of me as her blog Mum! I actually think that is lovely, and at least she doesn't think of me as her Blog Gran! Phew! Mind you after seeing the photo... well!  Please go and check out her blog, it really is well worth the visit!

I am hoping that all who visit will take the award and pop it onto your blogs. Many of the blogs I follow now have this award, but I wish them all to have it, as I love them all! I hate having to choose! I really don't like it, they are all so good, that is after all why I follow them. Also I have made a few lists lately about my loves and my happys too!

Finally, please go and look at these two blogs, Dolliedaydreams and My Passport to Style, they are both having a virtual Tea Dance fundraiser for Haiti aid. Get your dancing shoes on and head over to join in the fun!

Thank you for visiting me today at my humble blog! Until next week, have a happy weekend and enjoy whatever it is you are going to be doing!  It is my birthday on wednesday next week, so I shall tell you what I have been doing next week!

Love and hugs Suzie. xxx

Friday, 22 January 2010

Haiti, It could have been any one of us!!

Halo again!

No that wasn't a typo..... Yesterday morning I was sipping my warming early morning cup of tea, tucked up in my cosy bed, safe and sound, when on the radio I heard a man telling of a rescue he had carried out in Haiti, He heard a noise coming from underneath the rubble of people' s homes and lives, and he quickly set about digging and pulling the debris out of the way... he saw a hand of a woman reaching out to him, and he said when he grabbed hold of her hand it was like holding the hand of God.

A woman who has just been rescued from a collapsed building is smiling and joyful to be found alive!

In amongst the grief and the suffering comes a miracle to show us once again how precious the gift of life really is. It is a reminder of how we are all so vunerable and no one is ever promised an easy time of it. Those of us who are tucked safe and sound in countries which are not prone (yet) to natural disasters or severe poverty, or any kind of extreme hardship or suffering are truly very lucky to have been born in such a fortunate place. Any one of us could have been born elsewhere and could be right at this moment undergoing the emotional and physical agony which has befallen the people of Haiti.

So it cheers me greatly to know that there are living angels in this world of ours, people reaching out at times like these to help others in need. Hence my greeting to you all! I know that not enough is getting to Haiti, but still there are many people donating and trying in many ways to help. There are even tiny ways that can help, like on Ebay for instance, when making a payment at the moment there is an option to add £1 to your payment for Haiti. Ok! It doesn't seem much, and some may think well I can't give enough so it won't make any difference. But just imagine if everyone using Ebay added that £1 each, that would amount to quite a sizeable sum!

I have copied and pasted this from Theresa at Faerie Moon Creations, such a good idea for such a good cause!
"In case anyone is interested, there is a lovely group on etsy~ is a collaborative of etsy sellers who have donated items to be sold with 100% of the funds going to Doctors without Borders. Over $10,000 has been raised so far! I posted about it recently:"

Can any of us imagine suddenly losing everything, relatives, homes, community?  The only slight understanding that I have of it, is from George's family's story. His parents came over during the war from Poland. But before they arrived here they had had to leave their homes, land,  possessions... just leave... families split up for ever. Georg'es Mum had to travel across Siberia, she watched her Mother and Sister starve to death, and her other Sister went to America. So who can even contemplate the plight of the poor souls in Haiti right now as I write this.

Yes, we can become very complacent when all seems to be ticking along nicely! People moan and complain about the most ridiculous things, like being stuck in a queue ( I think.. you are lucky to be able to stand in a queue! Look at the looting going on in Haiti!), at least they are not in a hospital waiting for some awful procedure! Can you imagine the terror of being buried in the rubble of a building?  It makes the plane being late a little trivial doesn't it? The times I have seen impatience and rudeness because people are in such a rush, no smiles for anyone, just grumpiness and unpleasantness. Thank goodness that there are many, many lovely, pleasant , kind and patient people out there too! The trouble is I am afraid to say, that many people now are just plain spoilt!  We in the west generally have everything  we need, sometimes to abundance... too much food, too many possessions, and yet people don't seem to be very happy about it do they?!

 I am a extremely lucky person! Yes, I know like many people  I have had many, many sadnesses in my life, (many I can't even bring myself to talk of),... but gosh I am darn lucky!  Do you know why? Because so far in my life, my home hasn't been destroyed in a natural disaster, I haven't been through a world war, or tortured, nor have I  been without food or water, clothes..... or love. I wasn't born in Haiti...but I could so easily have been.  If that isn't lucky, then I don't know what is!

Watch out for angels!  They don't always have wings.

Sorry, not a very cutesy post this week (except for that adorable kitten pic!),  but a post to reflect on my blessings and all those angels without any wings, wearing their halos and walking this earth. Can we have some more please!

Until next Friday lots of love and blessings to you all.

Suzie. xxx

Friday, 15 January 2010

Tag you are IT again!

Gosh is it Friday again already?  Yes, apparently it is! It will be time to get the chrissy decorations out again before you know it!

I have been busy sewing as usual, and have just been drawing a set of seasons stitcheries. But first I will finally get around to sewing this design which I drew a while ago now.

Also I started sewing some curtains for my living room,but then a my friend gave me some that she didn't want anymore so now I have half a curtain and a proper pair! Like waiting for that bus hey, waiting for ages ,not a one in sight and then two come at once!

Since my unexpected post on Tuesday I have been tagged again, this time by the very lovely, interesting and highly readable blogger The Girl at Living with a Boy. Honestly a blog well worth the visit, such a unique talent for writing darn good stuff!  Anyway I have to list 10 things which make me happy, so (some are the same as my last list) here goes!:

1. My home-- I may be the most boring person in the world, but there is nowhere I love being more than my home. I love making it into a cosy little nest, and this house is an ongoing project, but bit by bit it is getting there!  Anything associated with home makes me all warm and fuzzy inside- baking, cooking.....Watching my veggies grow in the patch is excruciatingly happy making!

 We are actually trying to keep growing the odd edible delight during the winter too!

2. The long suffering George who has put up with me all this time and been there through some very dark times. He is like a still water in a stormy night, calm, unruffled, deep and re-assuring. I love his nature, his outlook on life, oooh errrr.... and his cooking!  He is tolerant, understanding, forgiving and a truly good and wise soul.

3. Like The girl, I love marmite! You either love it or hate it, well I love, love love it!  YUM. But what happens is that you start off by spreading it rather thinly, but then an addiction takes place and the spreading goes on thicker and thicker! Ooooh marmite on a big crust of bread, because I also love crusts and sometimes in our house there is just the middle bit of the loaf left, and a rather guilty looking me sat in the corner with marmite round my chops!

4. Well obviously being able to create,  thats a no-brainer!  I love making things! I only wish I had at least 12 arms so that I could be faster at it and get more done!

5. Nature, which includes animals, walking, gardening and anything that involves getting close to the nitty gritty of life and getting dirt on you!

My children when they were younger on one of our many hikes!

6. I have to say again music! To me it is like a medicine for my soul, I could not imagine a life without it!

7. Anything 1920's, I love the flappers, the fabulous clothes, the furniture, architecture, the dancing and just the general atmosphere of that era!

This is a drawing of a coat which I have, It is very 1920's! Well the real coat is more so than this drawing!

8. Eccentricity and observation- I love eccentric people, like my all time favourite- Quentin crisp! He was a natural observationalist with a wonderful slant on life!  Also I really enjoy Alan Bennett's wonderful writings, especially the Talking Heads series, but all of his wonderful observational works will make me happy!

 Quentin Crisp, now sadly has left this earth, what a wonderfully original man he was!

9. Watching lots of movies, especially the older ones - Doris Day, Cary grant, Bobe Hope (fantastic one-liners!) James Stewart, etc. I just adore them! Like music though,  I enjoy a varied choice -  new and old alike.

10. Finally all types of comunication.... anything that makes me laugh, as I so do love a good laugh. Sometimes when things are not so funny, I am lucky enough to be able to seek out the funny side and still smile.  I also love nothing more than a deep and meaningful conversation about the universe, the paranormal and all that is mysterious, this fascinates me... like where does space end?

Also People with a good attitude and a sense of humour are treasures, and if that goes side by side with a tolerant nature and openess and compassion to all things, then I admire them hugely and,  yes, knowing that there are people just like that in our world today makes me fill up with happiness!

Now I will tag ---

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Tag you're it!  If I didn't get you this time watch out! I can't wait to read everyone's lists! Now where did I put that marmite?

Until next Friday have a jolly spiffing week chaps!

Suzie. xxx

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Tagged for a MeMe and a special thank you to an Angel!


Anyone who knows me, knows I only ever post on a Friday but I have been tagged by the very lovely Mummy Mad at TheMadHouse to tell of ten things that I enjoy doing that are free! Thank you so much Mad Mummy for thinking of me! Go over and visit her, her blog is wonderful and you really will feel like you have popped home for a cup of tea and a chat. Very warm and cosy! I love the Mad Mummy! In fact I would choose to tag her but that would just be plain silly!

So here goes!

1: Breathing! I wouldn't be without it! But seriously, I love smelling wood smoke, autumn leaves and the subtle changes in the air when the seasons change. Smells can work on the emotions sometimes, they can bring back someone who has gone from this earth and rekindle childhood memories too.

2:  Daydreaming! I love going off in my mind in a story, or just drifting through meandering thoughts!

3: Drawing (ok, I need a pencil and paper!) , but being able to draw has always been present in my life and especially when I was younger, I used to escape with my pencil quite often!

One of my drawings.

4: Dreaming- when I sleep I have very vivd dreams, and sometimes I remember 3 or 4 in a night. I used to write them down, but for some reason during my chemotherapy, I seemed to stop dreaming, or rather I couldn't remember them. They are beginning to re-emerge now after nearly 6 years, and I am so happy about that. I must say though that my dreams are very strange mostly, but it is like going on an adventure or sitting through a surreal movie for free!

5: Being brought a pot of tea every morning by my husband! Yes every morning he delivers a steamy hot pot of tea, complete with a china mug, jug of milk and tea cosy too! That is one of those pleasures in life which I never tire of and always appreciate with a relish!

6: Stroking my dogs- there is something very cosy and calming about stroking a beast! To develop a special, warm and loving relationship with what in effect is just that- a beast- is just wonderful and precious. Anyone who owns a dog will tell you that their ability for understanding and communicating with you is amazing! Nature right here in my own home!

Ralph! The beast!

7: Nature and walking - I love walking and I love nature, so bliss! The two go so well together, and it is very uplifting and mending to walk through trees and beautiful landscapes. When I feel low, George forces me out! And it really is like a tonic for the soul! Just as I love watching the nature in my garden, feeding the birds and watching all the miraculous goings on! Is it just me (I think not!) but after I have spent time digging about in the soil I feel almost spiritual, grounded and part of something huge! I also enjoy watching my friend's chickens... what characters!

8:  I would like to say sewing, but of course like drawing , it is not completely free! I love being creative, using my hands to make something that was not there before appear into the world!  I also enjoy turning something that has outlived it's use into something usable.

9: Singing! - Now! I am not a singer. The sound which dances, or rather stumbles from my chops is probably not a pretty sound! In fact I think I saw one of the dogs put their paw over their ears once! But I love music, all types, really everything! Loud, quiet, rock, folk, jazz, clasical... the list goes on. So, natuarally or not, singing kind of goes with it! I love good lyrics, and I love singing them too! That may be why I like my music so loud so that even I can't hear my racket!
10:  Improving my mind, learning about other people's ways, beliefs, customs. I really can't stand ignorance, racism or intolerance and I enjoy to find out what makes other people tick. It is fascinating! I actually really do wish for a huge melting pot! I particularily love the buddhist way of living and thinking, and I have said before that it is more of a philosophy than a religion. I dream of a day when I am as serene and together as this.....!

When I was little I used to whisper my secrets into his ears! His ears are long, so I figured they would hold more information!

Right! Now I will tag some peeps:

Tracey at Tracey- crafty scraps, she is so funny and lovely, always brings a smile to our faces even though, it must be hard for her sometimes. A true star!

Ro at Bitchin Witch She is one on her own, and a friend of many years too. She is imaginative, fun and not your norm, which I really love!

Kay at Finding my way. Kay has become one of my bloggie and facebook friends, I love her attitude and enjoy visiting her blog to read her wonderful words on life! I also enjoy poking her on facebook daily too! Yes, I really like Kay!

I would like to tag  Penny at the hen house, but she already has been tagged!

Michela at Little secrets from my garden  - Michela is a truly lovely soul, generous and caring. Everybody loves Michela!

Mollye at Mizmollye, another lady who I have come to think of as a friend! Her stories are amazing, witty and charming. Mollye is lovely!

Pomona at Little Cottage Comforts- Pomona is just so wonderful with words! I enjoy reding her very thoughtful posts. I would love to hear what she writes about this!

Finally but not at all least! I would like to thank Angel at Kissed by an Angel for recieving her lovely giveaway in the post the other day. She has just been in hospital and so I have hung off thanking her as she was computerless in there! And probably a bit groggy too! I have just had a quick peek on her blog and she is back home! so welcome home Angel hope you see this thank you!

Look at these goodies!

Now how did you know that I hadn't bought a calendar yet for this year! You must be a mind reader Angel! Also a yummy recipe book! Hmmmmm, making me hungry!

Take a look at this wonderful aborigine art magnet! wonderful!

And , oh yes! scrumptious treats, The whole bag of clinkers is now in my tum! Not the bag of course though! I did stop to open it first! Those clinnkers were addictive Angel!

Thank you so much Angel, you are so kind! I wish you a speedy recovery!

See you all on Friday, if you can take me twice in one week that is!

Love to you all Suzie. xxx :)

Friday, 8 January 2010

The north wind doth blow and we shall have snow angels!

Hello everyone!

Old Man Winter is definitely taking hold this year, snow, snow and more snow! I love it of course, because it reminds me of my childhood in Canada.


One of my drawings, a little tatty I'm afraid!

It is beautiful, magical and does not happen too often in Lancashire, so I am enjoying it. Then again,  I do have the benefit of working from home, and so far the snow which is affecting many parts of the country badly, is not causing a great problem where I live, so luckily has not stopped me from doing anything as yet!  It just looks incredibly pretty! Jack frost has been a busy little man!

Isn't this gorgeous, I found it on the internet. It is not one of mine.... sadly!

Winter to many people is a bleak time,  the season where all seems dormant and, some may say... dead. The ground is frozen, autumns leaves lie moulding, leafless twigs and branches waver in the cold icy winds. Gardens appear so sad compared to their full and lush appearance in the summer months. Yes, it all looks a bit sad don't you think?   Nothing is happening out there at all. But wait, what is this?

Buds all over the place... waiting for the spring!

No, it is only slumbering, and as our bodies do when asleep, replenishing and preparing for the next adventure.  At each turn of a moment all is changing... ever moving, turning in endless circles, soon to be re-born again into what appears to resemble a replica of last years glory,  but yet completely different ... new leaves, fresh flowers.

A view of my home from halfway down the garden.

 Change is an inevitable and inescapable presence in all of our lives. We can not hide from it. I could sit in a room all day and refuse to come out, ignoring the world, and still change will manifest all around me and to me! Just like the seasons coming and going, just as our cells in our bodies are not the same ones that we used to have, we are constantly changing. This is scary, but fascinating at the same time.

Now, I am no spring chicken any more, and like the winter garden,  perhaps I look like I need some attention! Sometimes I am feeling quite ancient like my old Owl Tree! Wisdom to follow I hope!

However, I sometimes feel like I am swapping my ever disappearing youth with an ever growing mind and spirit. I am nurturing my creativity and zest for life into a bursting flower. This to me, is how winter is. Underneath and behind what appears to be a faded vista,  is a hive of activity and life, busy in preparation for a new refreshed world ready to burst out in the spring. Winter is a time of hidden miracles!

Winter fills me to the brim with excitement for the year to come... planning my garden, looking forward to watching it waken slowly from its wintery sleep, getting my home decorated and sorted out, and inventing new projects to craft and sew! Cosy times at home spent next to a roaring fire eating heart-warming stews. I love the changing of the seasons, and their constant reminder for me to accept gracefully the changes that life brings each day.

Time to enjoy our homes and cosy comforts! One of my cross stitch designs.

Life is a journey and an adventure, one which should be embraced, bad times as well as good. All of our joys, trials and tribulations are what make up our Auto-biographies. Wouldn't our books make rather boring reading if every day our lives just plodded on and on? Our books are more likely to be stuffed full with the richness of life... our sadnesses, success and failure, our loves, our work, talents...laughter and tears. Each day our individual history, unique and precious is constructed. Once a page is written, it is there for all time in our book for better or for worse.

One of my Angel Angst stitcheries! Hmmm, my halo has slipped on occasions too!

We may not always hold control of  every word printed onto the pages of our life-story but we can decide whether we are the hero or the villian, whether we wish to reflect on events with bitterness or with grace. In other words, how we wish to react to each of our pages. We do have that choice at least.

So my New Years resolution for 2010 is to write a new chapter, one which has had some thought put into it!
This chapter will be about making the most of each moment, being aware of  the hidden magic that is very much there even if we forget to look for it sometimes! I intend to laugh a lot and jump in puddles much more often! Whatever life throws!  One of my favourite sayings is "Life is a tragi-comedy..... and you are the star!"

What are your New Years resolutions? Tell me!

Before I wander off for another week, go and have a look at Theresa's fantastic  January Jubilee giveaway at Faerie Moon Creations! It is well worth a look believe me, this lady is so talented!

Well until next week I wish you all to be allocated at least one snowman or lady, and I hope that the weather is not causing you any headaches. Oh and don't forget, if you get the chance.... have a snowball fight, make a snow-angel and laugh until you cry!

Love and blessings to you all!

Suzie. xxx :)