Monday, 21 December 2009

Just popping back to thank Penny, my little christmas fairy!


I know, I know I am not supposed to be on here until after christmas! But, I could not let a little fairy of kindness go unmentioned now could I? A lovely kind soul has sent me a parcel, and that lovely kind soul is Bad Penny at the Hen House.  Penny you are a true twinkling star in a dark sky! You have lit up my face with a sprinkling of stardust and left a big huge grin on my face!

The snow has finally made its way to Lancashire! Believe it or not, it actually thundered at the same time!

I have been having a bit of an emotional time at the moment with certain circumstances/people in my life, and sadnesses from the past have left a huge deep gash in my soul. Nothing to worry about, I will be fine, and I can't really tell all, as it is too personal.  I always manage to laugh though, and I will most certainly carry on with my giggling nature! You know how it is, even the silliest of us have sadnesses that we carry around inside of us, and usually we keep them hidden from the world. Sometimes though, especially when you are low, tired or have been feeling off colour, it just gets to you more than usual, and christmas seems to play on the emotions and pull on those old heart strings! But .... this is a happy post!!!

So you can imagine how Penny has lifted my spirits right up to the sky! I am so lucky to have made so many good friends from blogland, and some like Penny give me more care than certain people who should do! No, don't worry,  its not George! He is a truly wonderful man, kind and loving and I am so lucky to have had him in my life for the past 25 years! He has stood by me through thick and thin, quite alot of thin!!!

It was just starting to snow on this photo, it got a lot thicker just after this! 

Look at these lovely goodies sent from my invisible friend Penny!

They were all wrapped so beautifully, so as I ripped the wrapping off in my eagerness to see what was inside, I suddenly thought "oh no! I should have taken a picture before I opened them!"  And what am I doing opening my presents before christmas, how naughty!  So I tryed to re-wrap the bigger one, look at the lovely ribbon and decoration on the top!

So! .....There was this gorgeous bookmark and the the saying is so apt from a friend who I have never seen in the 'real' world!

And this very pretty card in a cellophane wrapper all ready for me to use, but it is so pretty I will keep it all to myself!  Bekki at The Ramblings of an everyday Mummy made it, isn't it so lovely?!

Look at these rather sweet guest soaps too! They smell divine! The guests won't get a look in! I shall be using these a lot over christmas, aren't they wonderful?!

And last but not least...... a really gorg-geee-ous handmade card from Penny! It is so special, I shall keep it to bring out with my decorations every year and give it pride of place.

Bad Penny... you are a darn good Penny! You have made me want to do the christmas jig of happy! Thank you so much for brightening my christmas and reminding me to be grateful for all the wonderful people I do have in my life who give me care and warmth!

'See' you again in the new year, and I wish each and everyone of you a fantastic Christmas and a wonderful new decade! Merry Christmas to Penny and her family! This post is just for you today Penny! Kindness is like the ripples on a pond, spreading outwards on and on! Your kindness has been recieved by me and truly appreciated! There are still tears in my eyes!

Lots of hugs and love, suzie. xxx :)