Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year! A thank you to Michela too!

Happy New year everyone! I am back, and I hope that you all had a warm and wonderful Christmas! I can't wait to catch up with all your news, and start commenting again on all those brilliant posts that you all write!

I start this post with a special thank you to a very special lady, who many of us know and adore - Michela at Little Secrets From My Garden. This very kind soul has sent me a parcel as a thank you for winning my giveaway! So kind!

Take a look at all these goodies!

Gorgeous goodies! Munch, munch! Chocs away! I had already eaten some, and then had to remind myself to take a photo before complete gluttony took over!

A closer look!  Yummy! Included with all of these scrumptious delights was this lovely Italian christmas card, with lovely thoughts from Michela. The champas bottle filled with chocs was wrapped in Italian newspaper, and George and I really enjoyed looking at it and trying to work out what it said!

Thank you so much Michela, it was such a fantastic surprise and has cheered me up tremendously.  More kindness from a person whom I have never met, but I consider a true friend. Bloggy people are brilliant and kind!

I don't know about all of you, but every year as soon as christmas day is over with, I get an overwelming urge to start afresh. I start planning the garden, thinking of decorating the house, and generally look forward to the new year and spring!  Do you too?  But before we jump merrily into this new year with a gusto I will share some of my christmas with you all! We had a white christmas here in Lancashire... lovely!!!

Oh Christmas tree!

Candle light and sparkle

Getting the christmas table ready!  Can you spot Ralph the dog?

Yum... Homemade cranberry jelly!

Christmas Eve dinner for two! Bertie waiting for the food to arrive! We had a polish christmas eve ... rollmops (pickled dill herrings), borsch (beetroot soup) and goumki (not correct spelling!.. rice and meat in cabbage parcels with a creamy mushroom sauce). I love, love, love polish food!

Our son Tom, always happy when there is food around!

Sharing food, wine and good conversation with some of our lovely family!

Here are two more stockings which I sewed too in reds and greens.........


It is good to be back! I have missed you all. Heres to a new year full of love and happiness. This is what I wish for all of you,  my lovely friends!

May the newness and excitement of this new year stay with us throughout 2010 and into the new decade!

Lots of joy, love and hugs to you all,

Suzie. xxx