Friday, 18 December 2009

Ding Dong merrily on high!

Hello all you little christmas elves out there! Thank you to all who wished my arm well! It is a lot better now thank you! Although I do still feel a bit achey, with a sore throat, but nothing too bad!

Well, I don't know about you but I don't think that it harms sometimes to do a good spot of self mocking! It is good for the soul I think to have a darn good laugh at one's self.  For instance, a couple of weeks ago, I dyed my hair orange! Yes, you did read that right, orange! Satuma surprise! No, the hair dye wasn't called that! I have toned it down a bit now, but when will I learn to take my glasses with me when I go to the shops!?  It was supposed to be light brown, but it actually said light auburn. When I put it on, it must have reacted with my blonde highlights. (that I also self appy)

I bought these little angels (there are two!) without my glasses on too, the price tag to my Mr. Maggoo eyes read £9.99 for the pair, the price tag to eyes that can actually see read £19.99. So it was a good job that I had enough money in my purse when I plonked them on the counter!

This week I thought I would bring you all some festive cheer by sharing some of my christmas with you all.  Last weeks post hit a nerve with me and this week after years of buying a real tree I have gone and bought this artificial one. I always feel sad for the trees, and I know that they are grown specially for the purpose, but after the story I told last week I just couldn't! Silly, I know!



This tree skirt is over 40 years old and has travelled back and forwards to Canada!

Note how I have changed the fire surround by painting it cream, much better I think!

I have been so lucky and have been given these awards. The first by Tracey at Tracey's crafty scraps and Mummy mad at The Madhouse. Thank you so much to you both, you have made my week! I was so excited when I found out that You had chosen me!

The other one is from Theresa at  Faerie Moon Creations,  Thank you so much Theresa, I am really bowled over that you have given me this award!

For both awards I am to list a few things that you may not know about me, and some things I like to do.  Oh dear! Soooo.......

1. I love listening to music, any type more or less.
2. I enjoy puzzles, cross words, sudoku, etc.
3. Having a special meal with George, with candles and music, lovely
4. Being at home, all cozy toasting marshmallows by the fire.
5. I love laughing!

Things you may not know about me;

1. I can lead and cut glass.
2. I can walk for miles and miles, but not too good with hills!
3. I get full quick, but my eyes are bigger than my belly!
4. I can do a hilarious rendition of 'oh my darling clementine' on the piano, it can make dogs howl!
5. I can be a bit of a practical joker. Last weet I put cling film over the top of George's bottle of becks, and the confused look on his face when he couldn't get any beer out, just made me crack up into hysterics!
6.  I am a serial giggler, and apparently laugh at anything!
7. I could never have my own children, so all three of our children we have adopted.

I am not going to pass this award on at the moment, as a lot of the people who I would like to give it to, have just got one the same, so in the new year I will make one and give some out to all my lovely friends that I have made here in blogland!
I am going to have a blogging break over Christmas as I feel a little frazzled and I have friends and family visiting, and visits to be made. You know, the usual Christmas activities. So I won't be blogging or commenting until January now, (if I can resist the urge to peek, that is!).  I don't want any of my lovely blogging pals to think that I am ignoring them, but I have to have a complete break from the computer, work and sewing! Then again, next friday, posting day is actually christmas day, so I wouldn't be posting then anyway would I!?  Hmmmmmm!

Ralphus  Le- puff  Macduff  (Ralph)  says Merry Christmas!

Archibald Peabody Smythe (Archie) says Jolly merry festitvities! More like Bah humbug! Don't you think he looks more like scrooge? He has got the saddest face I have ever seen on a dog. Probably just can't take another one of my jokes!

Bertram Butterbean Barker (Bertie to his friends) says Happy New Year!

So I will be off now until the new year and I wish you all a wonderful, laughter filled christmas and a very Happy new year. New decade that is!!!

May fairy dust land on the tips of your noses and make you giggle out loud!

Love Suzie. xxx