Friday, 4 December 2009

Calling all headless chickens!!!! Old Man christmas is a stalking you!

Happy December all!

 One of my drawings!

Thank you all once again for your wonderful comments on last weeks post!

Old man Christmas is a sneaky ole devil isn't he?  He has done it again! Sneaking up on his tip-toes and jumping right out of the shadows!  Ta Daa!! Oh yes Old man, very funny!   Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like a reindeer frozen in the head lights?  I have to admit I am beginning to get a sickly panicky feeling!

Every year I have a rosey coloured image of what a relaxing and smoothly executed Christmas I will provide for our home, and every year it hardly ever turns out according to plan at all!  I have so much to do and how long is it now to Christmas?  NO! Don't answer that! I really don't need to know exactly how long I have got to finish everything which I have to do!  Are you all the same?  Please say yes!  Otherwise I am going to feel totally inadequate and rather useless!!  At least my Christmas cactus is ready!!!

We bought this lovely hand painted Po (spelling?) at a Boxing day antiques fair many moons ago. I love the colours! Ha ha, not red and blue by any chance?!!!

We, or at least I, dream of having everything done and dusted - presents bought and beautifully wrapped.....

        Not my wrapping folks! This picture was found on the internet! I could only wish!!! .........

Our  home sparkling clean and looking like the picture on a magazines christmas issue cover,  melodic cheerful festive music wafting through the air,  mince pies cooling.... you know the idea!  Oooh, and there I am relaxing with a hand-warming comforting mug of hot chocolate (perhaps with marshmallows, mmmmm!) by a roaring fire, all cosy.......

(This was taken last year, we had only been in the a house a few weeks. We have decorated since, and the fire surround is now cream! Much nicer! )

..............watching those christmas films I bought two years ago, which I didn't watch then either!

We bought this one about two years ago and haven't watched it yet! Maybe this year???

 We have watched this one, but not on the run up to christmas, which is when I think christmas films should be watched. After christmas day, for me they are not quite the same!

The reality is, that I am currently absolute chaos on two legs, and faced with the prospect of all there is to do
I am trying very hard to resist an overwhelming urge to sit in a inactive stupor gazing out of the window, rocking backwards and forwards!  NO, I refuse to give in to this malaise!  Nor will I allow myself to metamorphasise  into the proverbial headless chicken,  running about in circles screaming " DON'T PANIC, DON'T PANIC!!!", even though I an teetering precariously close to the edge of doing just that!   Instead, I will call on my very old and trusted friend.... Percy. Yes, Percy Veerance! He will sort everything out!

After all we don't want be become a christmas Grinch now do we?!!!

This is some of what I have been doing,  proof perhaps that I am not totally a lost cause!

This is a drawing, ready to be sewn......

Here is a little pixie in the making .......

Isn't this ribbon from East of India just gorgeous? I love it, it is so natural and appealing! ......

Well, got to keep the good fight going, and try to get ahead of myself! Until next week, I hope you are all winning better than I am!  What are you all doing this weekend? Are you battling Christmas and winning or are you gripping on by your fingertips? Please tell me I would love to know!  Have a lovely weekend!

Love and December hugs to you, Suzie :) xxxxxx