Friday, 6 November 2009

Invisible friends and planning a giveaway!

Happy November all!
Can you believe another week has just gone by? I have been mad busy this week and so I haven't had time to keep up with everyone as much as I usually do So if I have left anyone out I am so sorry! I will be catching up hopefully today, when I catch up with myself!

Also, I am seriously considering doing my first giveaway soon so keep checking back! It will probably involve one of my hand sewn designs and maybe a signed drawing. Not sure what I will be giving away yet, but I can feel one coming on! I have the urge! Or should I say the itch 2 stitch! Ha ha!

I must mention again before I go onto this weeks post, I received this lovely award from Tracey at Tracey's -craftyscraps. Please look at my last post for all the details. Thank you again Tracey!

Good news .... At the weekend I took my last pill after five years of Tamoxifen and Aromasin.Yay!  I am mentioning this, as I think it is great encouragement to anyone at the beginning of their journey with breast cancer. I am still here, I have finished my treatment at last and I am almost (!) back to normal! If I ever was!  And the bits that are not normal and never will be, I have at last adjusted to with grace and acceptance. I just wish I had known someone like me 5, nearly six years ago!

                                  Image sourced from the internet.

Yesterday upon the stair
I saw a man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
Oh, how I wish he’d go away   Hughes Mearns 

This weeks post was inspired by a post from bad penny at The Hen House.  Penny asked if any of us had an invisible friend when we were children.  Well this brought back a memory, of course!

As a child of about the age of 8 years old, I had an invisible friend. A boy.  He was around about the same age as me and he was called Junior. I am not sure if he came ready with that name or I called him such, but that was his name! He was mostly thoughtful and studious, sometimes he would sit and read, but sometimes....he was a little Monkey!


One of my doodles!

Now once Junior came to live at our house, life became a little complicated. You see nobody seemed to be able to see him apart from me, and this caused quite a rumpus at times in the Calderbank house!

My brother, who to be completely honest has always thought his Sister to be a bit mad at the best of times, used to be quite peeved as he would go to sit in a chair and be told that he mustn't, as Junior was already occupying it and he wouldn't want to squash him, would he?! To which of course, my brother being a brother, would promptly sit on Junior and squash him!

Ha ha. look at that jazzy 60's decor folks! My brother is probably sat on Junior right at that moment. He does look rather pained the poor chap! Or does he look quietly resigned!!! Notice how my Mum's fluffy slippers match the colour of her dress. Very trendy Shirley!

Gosh my Mum was patient! Perhaps because she was a teacher, or maybe she was just a saint! I hope she has got her reward in heaven! I remember once when she was telling me to hurry up and get ready for school. I explained to her that Junior's cousins had come to stay in the night, and it was really difficult dressing six small boys and getting them all ready to go to school with me! Goodness me Mum, what do you think I am ... an octopus!

               Image sourced from the internet, thank goodness! Phew, thats a lot of children all at once!

I  can't remember what happened to Junior, he just disappeared one day, perhap's Grahame really did squash him! But I never saw him again, or his troublesome cousins!

These days I stick to flesh and bone kind of friends. Real ones that you can have a good conversation with and a lovely hot comforting cup of tea! Although, hmmm it would be nice to have another invisible one!

 This is about the level of my knitting skill! A woolly tea cosy with buttons on it!

Here are some christmas hanging hearts that I have been working on this week. I have done them in bright reds and greens for a cheerful look. They have little shiny hearts and stars on them and are finished off with a natural shell button and jute string. Ignore the bulge on the side of the two that have been made up, I haven't finished sewing up the sides yet!


I will  show some more next week, but for now I will show you all another heart I have been busily sewing. This one is going to Ireland to live with the other fairies which are on the stocking I sewed recently. I hope all the fairies will be very happy together in Ireland!


Next week she will be sewn up and finished properly!

Well thats all for another week! Now don't forget to treasure you friends, but remember that invisible ones have feelings too! If you don't already have one, go and find one! I hear that they hide behind trees and clouds! My friend's little girl used to say her's was behind the radiator! So If you don't have an invisible friend, you have obviously not been looking in the right places!

What will you all be doing this weekend? My brother is coming around for dinner on saturday,  so perhaps when he goes to sit down I will say, NO! you can't sit there, thats Junior's seat!!!

Bye til next week! Love and happiness to each and everyone of you!
Suzie. xxx