Friday, 13 November 2009

I am having my first giveaway!!!

Hello everybody! Hope you have all had a brilliant week since my last post. I know I keep thanking you all for coming here, reading and commenting but again I must say thank you, thank you, thank you all so much! Without you all, well I would be just talking to my self! Thank you to to the people who are following me too! I am absolutely amayonaissed that people do do!

Did everyboby hear this week about the winners of the lottery?

A group of people shared the jackpot, and a couple got 45 million. Have I got my facts right?  That is of no matter though, it was a huge amount either way!  Well anyway, I started to daydream about what I would do with all that money. Quite honestly, the thought of that much money is a tad repugnant to me, and my immediate thought is that I would have to do a lot of good with a great deal of it. Obviously, I would fix my house up and get it just so (lots of Cath Kidston and the like!) and enjoy making my home just as we would like it to be. I would not be at all interested in expensive cars or anything flashy for that matter!  A house and a tree is enough for me!

      I think I have put this one on before in another post, it is anyway!

I would enjoy making others happy, you know, help out friends who are having hard times, treat people and give lots of it to charities, etc. Just try to do some good and hopefully spread some happiness and smiles on the way too!

I heard on the radio that after six months, winners of big money prizes don't feel particularily any happier than they did before. The euphoria wears off. Yes their lives are easier in some ways, but maybe harder in others. We didn't know we had so many friends, Ha ha!!! One thing I have learnt so far in life is that happiness is an inside job.  If you are not happy deep down, then it is unlikely that money will make you so.

What would you do with a huge lottery win?

Now as I said, I would give a lot away, and because I would like to thank you all, I am having a giveaway. Sorry, its not money though!!! George, my long suffering husband and partner in crime, will draw the winner on  the 26th November and I will announce the winner in my Friday the 27th post.

All you need to do to enter is to leave a comment on this post and/or the next post (20th) and you will have your name put into a hat! If you are a follower and you leave a comment, your name will be entered twice!
Reasonably simple I think/hope!  Oh, and if anyone would like to spread the news! copy and paste this giveaway pic with a link please! That would be lovely! :)

You will win one of these....

                     A Christmas heart, stitched and designed by me.

one of these......

One of my stitchery wall hangings on hessian with two real shell buttons.

                              A closer view -  Sing, dance, laugh!

one of these.....

One of my drawings in pencil and pastels of my Old English Sheepie - Ralph! It is on hand made paper.

And one of these......

  A stitchery with a patchwork border, which my end up as a cushion or a wall hanging, not sure yet!!! It says - what you give , you have. Which is highly appropiate to this giveaway and post too!!!

.......and there may well be other bits and bobs included too! I am quite excited about it!

Do you remember that little tea cosy that I showed you in lasts weeks post? Well Pomona asked if I could share the pattern. Pomona is at Little cottage comforts, and a visit to her blog is well worth it. She writes beautifully and is so talented. Her blog is a delight!  Well if you are reading this Pomona, I will try and root the pattern out and get it to you soon!

So all you lovely people, I hope to be sending a little parcel to one of you soon!  Have a super dooper weekend. Lots of blessings to you all.  Suzie. xxx