Friday, 27 November 2009

And the winner of my giveaway is!!!!>>>>>>>>

Hello!  Gosh, thank you all so much for joining in my giveaway fun, and to my new followers too! (I don't really like the term followers, it makes me feel a bit like some sort of weird sect!!!)  Reading through all of your wonderful comments has been very enjoyable and heart-warming too. One of the pleasures that I get from doing my blog is reading all of the comments.  They make me smile, make me laugh out loud, fill me with happiness, sometimes bring a tear to my eye and my days are enriched by hearing about other peoples lives too. It is like getting letters from friends! My invisible friends!

The Lovely Ralph and Bertram Butterbean Barker (Bertie!) watching over the proceedings!

Now to my giveaway!!!  To make it fair, I allocated everyone a number. We all knew the day would come when we are all just numbers, didn't we?!  The followers got their number put into the hat twice. The hat by the way, was one of my Grandmother's (she adored hats!), rather nice isn't it! No I don't wear it, although it is sometimes quite tempting!
Here is George's hand making it's way into the said hat last night.  He can be quite useful sometimes you know!

DRUM ROLL...........     Well ok then! More like a tap tap on the biscuit tin!

Andthe winner is........

Number 15!!!

Oh, you want to know who number 15 is do you?  Hee hee!  Well it is my pleasure to announce that number 15 is the delightful and very lovely Michela in Italy!  Michela has the blog Little Secrets From My Garden, pop over and visit her, she is so lovely and her blog is wonderful to read!  Congratulations Michela!!!  It must have been a sign, as you were the first one to comment on the first giveaway post! I am quite enjoying myself here, this is fun!

Congratulations! Please let me have your email so that I can get your address, etc.
You will soon be receiving these in the post. There will be a few other bits and bobs too which I haven't shown here!




I decided in the end to make it into a little bits and bobs bag to hang in a bedroom or bathroom, or wherever! 

Last week I showed you all what I got from Aunt spicy in her giveaway, well I am just posting about it again for anyone who didn't see last week (I added it after I had published, and then republished again!)  If you would like to see what I wrote then please look at last weeks post here! Here are the photos again for you too see.

Aunt spicy sent this lovely handmade card which was made by Jacky at the Sweetest Petunia.

                                               She also sent this lovely bag!

And these yummy chocs amd cupcake cases with santa a xmas tree signs in a little bag ! Thank you again Aunt spicy!

I love kindness, don't you?  Any act of kindness, and there are many.  If only there was more kindness in the world, it would be such a wonderful place! But despite the awful stories of human selfishness which we are bombarded with on the news daily, I know that there is still so much kindness out there. After all,  good news doesn't get the attention that bad news does. Negative always seems to be noticed more than positive don't you think?!

Kindness, whether recieved or given, for me personally, gives me a lovely warm fuzzy feeling deep down in my soul. Kindness can be as simple as giving a smile, opening a door, giving a car park ticket to someone else, there are just so many ways to make someone feel happier and cared for! There are so many ways to bring out the sunshine on a rainy day!

One of my stitcheries!

So you can imagine how warm and fuzzy my soul felt when I got a parcel through the post from a lovely lady, (who I feel has become a friend) Lynne. I have done a few commissions for her lately and just last week I sent some little fairy christmas hearts off to her.  I opened her parcel and there was this very pretty scarf wrapped up in layers of this gorgeous tissue paper (which has dots of silver sparkle in, and looks like a starry night!).....

And! Remember a few weeks ago in the Cath Kidston party? I said that I wanted one of these?......

Well! Now I have one! Yes there was a Cath Kidston pin tin in my parcel too!

There was also a beautiful card too, with little angels on the front and the most wonderful words from Lynne inside!

Her act of kindness to me has filled me up with happiness and still a few days later I still feel warm and cuddly inside! So generous and kind that lady is!

You see, I feel that kindness is so much more than just an act. To me it is a gift that has a lasting effect. Everytime we give our kindness we are making the world a sunnier and more loving place for us and more importantly, our children to live in.
What act of kindness do you remember which made your life a happier one?

A couple of weeks ago the lovely Pomona asked me for the knitting pattern for this tea cosy.......

Well here it is pomoma! Click here to go to the pattern. I hope I wrote it all down properly! If not just get in touch and I will amend it!

Til next week then, go and spread some happiness! And although we don't actually do thanksgiving in England, everyone who does, have a good one! All the ones who don't, well it doesn't mean we can't all stop and remember all there is to be thankful for!

Love and blessings to you all,
Suzie. xxx