Thursday, 22 October 2009

Party time!!! Show us your Cath!

Well, here it is, the Cath Kidston party! Go to Lissy lou's blog to see who is taking part.

I have visited many blogs lately which have shown the latest Cath Kidston book 'Sew', and people who have bought it saying how good it is.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, after drooling over said book each time I saw it, I looked at it on Amazon, thinking I will just have a little look. It doesn't mean that I will buy it I convinced myself!  So, I read a couple of reviews, and ummmed and awhhed. Was just about to leave it, when I noticed that not only did it include patterns for many lovely makes, but it also included all you need to make a very pretty handbag! Gosh, I thought, this is a bargain which can't be ignored. What strong resolve I have! NOT!!!
I had the book for about a week before I got stuck in and made the bag. I decided to line it with red gingham and put a button I had covered on to the front. Having never made a bag before, I was really chuffed! I got the big giddy girl syndrome!




When Lissy Lou suggested this party, I got to thinking about why I and so many others love Cath Kidston so much. What is it that makes us fill up with excitement when we see her fabrics, colours, homeware, etc? What is the secret ingredient that beckons?
Is it that we are reminded of cosy times, perhaps of childhood, Enid Blyton and Ladybird books and nostalgic imaginings? With bright fresh and whimsical florals, polka dots and stripes, can it be awakening something within us that makes us feel warm and safe. I feel that Cath kidston conjures up feelings and images of baking in a country kitchen, vintage homes, fresh bread and being surrounded by gorgeous colour and pattern. It is a feel good thing!


I love the cheerfulness and also quirkiness of  the overall look of mixing florals together with polka dots, stripes and cute patterns, quite often in soft pinks, blues and splashes of red, with fresh greens. I think it is hard to explain the feeling that it all gives me, but I am sure anyone reading this, with the same love of anything vintage will know what feeling I refer to. It actually gives me a buzz of sorts! I just love it!

If I woke up one morning and found myself surrounded by all things Cath Kidston or the like, I would think I had died and gone to heaven!

It doesn't surprise me at all that I like Cath Kidston so much, as I do some Laura Ashley........................




and Bridgewater too,


After all I do so love all those old Doris Day films which give such a rosey cosy picture of home!

Love the film Don't eat the daisys!!!

I would like one of these!

I would also love :

 And look at this gorgeous pin tin!!!

Just look at these knitted cupcakes I found on the internet for more inspiration!

Now here are a few of my own Cath Kidston and CK inspired goodies that are dotted about my home!

A Ck carrier bag bag, one to actually want out instead of hiding it away under the stairs!

The dotty jug is Laura Ashley, as is the enamel cake stand, the heart I made and the little cup is Ck!

I love mixing florals with checks, Here is what I have on my bed at the moment! Rosebud and pink gingham pillow, with a sequin edged top pillow, floral duvet and patchwork bedspread in green gingham and pink florals with tiny splashes of red.

A spotty dotty holdall hanging next to my much adored monsoon handbag.

A bright red polka dot enamel tin from Primark (!) sits on a lovely vintage linen embroidered tray cloth, which in turn lays on a Laura Ashley tea towel (too nice to be used as a tea towel) with Laura Ashley daisy coasters bought in a sale!

I love this little enamel bucket, it is so cute! I have a few enamel buckets now, for some reason!

This peg bag makes hanging out the laundry so much nicer. It is bright and cheerful and I love it!

Finally! Here are a few of some lovely squares made up out of a mix of CK and Laura Ashley fabrics, all ready and waiting to be made up into a patchwork creation of some sort!

Well everybody, I hope you enjoyed my CK party. I am off out now, into blogland to go to all the other wonderful parties going on out there today! Can't wait!

So until next week, enjoy the parties and have a fabulous weekend!

Lots of love and hugs Suzie. :) xxx