Thursday, 29 October 2009

BOO!!! Happy Halloween!

Hello everyone! Oh I love this time of the year! The crackle of leaves under foot, the musky smell of Autumn. Darker evenings spent next to a roaring fire. And of course Halloween!

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When I was a child in Canada, every year we would go from house to house trick or treating. Neighbours would happily fill our sacks, pillowcases and bags full to brimming with goodies, cookies, sweets, apples, etc.

 Sourced from the internet.   Yummy, how I would love to sink my teeth into these!

We would all dress up in fancy dress. It was so exciting as a child being out in the dark, when you would normally be tucked up inside, telling each other spooky stories and frightening each other! Isn't it a wonderful, but a rather strange human trait, that some of us actually enjoy being a little bit scared, but of course in a safe not really scary way! I know I enjoy a good spooky movie or ghost story!

So I thought that perhaps as it is Halloween (tomorrow!).............

Come with me everybody lets all settle down by the campfire. We will toast marshmallows while I tell you a ghost story to chill your hearts.......

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There was a  man at the side of the road hitch hiking on a very dark and stormy night. The night was cold and wet and no cars went by. The wind was howling loudly blocking out any other sounds.

The storm was so strong, and the fog as thick as pea soup,  that he could hardly see more than a couple of feet ahead of him.

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Suddenly, he saw the very dim head lights of a car coming towards him. He could not even hear the engine so strong was the howling gale. The car which was going very slowly, probably due to the low visibility, slowed down and stopped. The man without thinking about it, got in the passenger seat, closed the door and turned to thank the driver, but to his surprise realized that there was nobody behind the wheel!

  By the time the man had realised his fate the car which had been going very slowly began to gather a bit more speed as it headed down a slight hill, and due to his fear and shock he felt unable to get out. The man looks at the road and can just make out a curve coming his way. Scared and knowing the surrounding area has very steep drops,  he starts to pray and begs for his life. However, just before the car hits the curve, a hand appears through the window and turns the wheel.

The man, paralyzed in terror, and unable to gather his thoughts together, watches the hand appear each time the car approaches a curve. Sweat was pouring from him and finally gathering together his courage, he scrambles out of the car risking sure death if he jumps out and over the edge of the cliff. Luckily though he finds firm ground beneath his feet and he runs all the way to the nearest town where sees an old eerie pub.

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Wet and in shock, he goes into the pub, asks for two shots of whiskey and starts telling everybody about the horrible experience he just went through. A silence enveloped everyone when they realized that the man was crying hysterically and that he wasn't at all drunk.  He was clearly badly shaken up by his experience.

About a half hour later, a few other men walked into the pub and one said to the other, "Jim theres that lunatic that got in the car while we were pushing it!"

authour unknown

Sorry! I couldn't help myself you know!

Here is are a few clips from The Wizard of Oz. Ding dong the witch is dead! While I was watching this video, I thought, gosh its ages since I watched that film. Perhaps I will this weekend!

May I introduce you to some one very special? Drum roll here!.......

Today  Pumpkin is making his debut. He has been growing in our veggie patch for quite some time. He is a handsome chappy, round and very orange!

Here he is with his Halloween costume on, looking rather inviting I think!

    You can just see Bertie's nose going in for a bit of investigation. Hmmmm?

            Pumpkin posing for the camera with the Owl tree watching over!

Please don't let him know that he will soon be........

Pumpkin soup!!!


This is not mine! Found this image on the internet, I haven't made my soup yet! Making it fresh tomorrow. Hopefully it will look as good as this! Oh, I would love some bowls like these!

I thought you may also like to meet a little witchypoo that I have designed and sewn sat on her own pumpkin. I wonder what she is waitng for? Maybe the number 33 broomstick to take her the the halloween celebrations!

Now these Christmas stockings I have been working on busily all week have absolutely nothing to do with Halloween, but just my two latest projects which I am sewing for my two daughter's little girls Sophie and Alissa. I promised Vikki that I would put the photos on here so that she could see how I am progressing! Both wanted pinks, but  next I am going to do some more stockings in traditional  reds and greens!

                        This one is Alissa's. A fairy was requested!

         This is Sophie's. The princess and the pea was requested!
Sorry about the rather tatty state Vikki! They will look much better when they are made up and ironed!

If you enjoy taking part in bloglands goings on then  pop over to Miz Mollye and Shezadoozy, she is hosting a wonderful giveaway which can't be missed! I really love Mollye's wonderful writing and slant on life!

I have also been given this wonderful award from Sharon at My Passport to Style
Thank you so much Sharon, this is so sweet of you! :)!!! You have brought a smile to my face with your kindness!

Tracey of Tracey's - crafty scraps has very kindly given me an award too. I am thrilled to bits and taken aback that she too thinks my blog is good enough! It amazes me how people come here every week and read my ramblings! Thank you so much Tracey, I will post this again on Friday, as I think most people have been here by now.

The award says .."This blog invests and believes in the PROXIMITY-nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement! Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated."

Now back to Halloween! I hope that you all have a very Happy Halloween full of magic and spookiness!
I shall be eating pumpkin (shhhh!!!) soup, reading a good ghost story and watching a scary film!   I don't need to dress up for Halloween! Hee hee!

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BOO!!! Lots of love, Suzie. xxx :) Notice big red sore nose has gone now! I hope everyone else who has had a bad cold are now much better! xxx