Thursday, 17 September 2009

Having a busy bee week!

Gosh! Yet another week has flown by, don't they go so quick? Where do they go? Look, there goes another! Do you feel like you are on full speed too? Somebody slow down the time!!!

Iv'e been getting more of my share of this lately! But it is good to be so busy!

I have been so busy this week, and for the last couple of days I haven't had the time to enjoy and comment on everybodys posts, so sorry about that. I know How much I enjoy reading the comments that people write on my posts, so everyday I try to read others posts and leave a comment. So I am sorry if I have missed anyone out! It gets quite time consuming when you are following quite a few blogs! Talking about other people's blogs pop over to visit Floss at Troc, bloc and recup, she is having a wonderful giveaway, and her blog is always lovely to visit. So get your selves over there! Another blog that I love to visit is bad penny at The Hen House, I love reading her posts, love her sense of humour and slant on life. She is a star. I think I will tell you each week about a few of my favourite blogs. There are so many kind and thoughtful people out there, It warms the heart! Latest News Flash! Go to Lissy lou and the two little boys and have a look, On the Thursday 22nd October there is going to be a Cath Kidston Party. I am definitely taking part in this, so that week my blog will be on the thursday instead! Go to Lissy Lou to see details!

This week I have been sewing with a passion! My needle has had sparks flying off it! I was commissioned by a lovely lady in Ireland to sew her one of my stitcheries. She has just recently commissioned 23 beech Hill to sew one of her beautiful fabric Princess and the pea designs, and she wanted one of my stitcheries to go with it. Now, I don't usually sew for people, as I sell my designs as kits, charts and patterns. But I'm just a girl who can't say no! ( Who sang that? Was it Doris Day in Calamity Jane? I can't remember at all!) I have just sent her off on her journey to Ireland, and I know it is silly, but I get quite attached to my sewing, every stitch has a thought attached to it, and anyone who sews will know that it is a very thought provoking pastime! I felt like I was waving a friend off at the station! Goodbye, and don't forget to write! Oh, maybe its just me, maybe I am just bonkers!

Here is my little Princess, sat in her boudoir!

I added little beads to her slippers and used two threads of gold metallic thread with one strand of yellow gold to make her gold slippers. It is finished with 3 little sequin flowers on the bed.

Her gold crown has beads at the end of each point. These photos don't really do justice to her.

I could have quite happily have kept her Royal Highness. Hey, who says I can't have a children's stitchery hanging on my bedroom wall!? I adore anything to do with childhood, as you may have guessed! Anything that evokes cosy memories of the days of innocence, trust and belief, where happiness came straight out of an Enid Blyton book, and I was willing and ready to believe, believe , believe!

Maybe that is why I love dogs! They are such full of fun, playful creatures. They trust and love with no conditions attached. Straightforward and true, and they really do have a sense of humour! Bertie, my other Jack Russell (who doesn't actually look like one really!) smiles! No, really, he does! No...... he isn't snarling at me! He really does grin at me, and sometimes he has an uncanny look of Humprey Bogart about him! Heres looking at you kid!

"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine"

Ralph (Old English sheepie) and Bertie (Bertram Butterbean Barker!)

There is often a deep and beautiful understanding between a child and a dog. I grew up with dogs, and as a child, I remember thinking of our family dogs as friends and companions, and they were always, always a part of the family, my doggie siblings! Mind you I love all animals! My Mum (sadly not with us now) would have told you about me and a (imaginary) monkey, but I will leave that tale for another post, perhaps next week!

Align Centre
One of my drawings. Memories of a chilhood pal.

Coming back to the here and now, and then leaving it again pretty quickly! Look at this beautiful photo I took the other night, it must be a fluke, as I am not that great at photography, but I thought this was lovely! Although having said that, it doesn't actually show how gorgeous it was, it was better!

A beautiful evening in my garden, stunning red sky that night, and look at the moon!

After I took this photograph, I sat looking up at the miracle, the glorious magnificent miracle that is there all around. How vast I thought, what a unimaginable world/worlds/space there is out there! Then I got to thinking how tiny we all are, in this vast universe, that goes on and on into infinity. Tiny grains of sand, and yet without each grain, there would be nothing. How we are all linked in some way. To the universe we are like little ants underfoot.

A scribble of mine! Ant farm.

But yet each ant has a purpose, doesn't it, without each one the colony does not work at all. Each has a purpose and a reason for being there.

It never ceases to amaze me how every teeny atom, each tiny living being, ant, bee, butterfly, all have a huge part to play in this world we live in. Isn't Mother Nature just wonderful. Such an intricate plan, like cogs in a huge system, each needing the other. She gives us dock leaves for nettle stings, Provides us with every vitamin, protein, etc. for our bodies and so many other gifts. Like more apples!

Yet more cooking apples and pears from our garden

Now, I wonder what I will do with these? I am not kidding, there are loads still in the garden. shall I make more pies, apple sauce, crumbles? Or should I just slice and freeze them? Or should I get crafty, and make myself a rather fetching Carmen Miranda hat? Any suggestions?

Shake those maracas girls! (sourced from the internet)

Oh, and talking about the garden, Pumpkin is still doing ok, (see older posts for a photo!) he/she is well and happy! I don't expect any or much more growth though, not now. Either way, there will be home grown pumpkin soup on the table, and a grinning, glowing orange face hanging nearby on Halloween night! Finished off with some spooky stories. Oh how I love a good ghost story, must dig some out!

Well enough of my gibberings for another week, I think all of you who come onto my blog and read them all deserve a medal! I'm off to start a new project, a Christmas Stocking with stitchery (of course)!

Before I go, here is a really silly joke......

Burt) Bob, Did you hear on the news last night?
Bob) No, What?
Burt) An aged hippy got stranded out at sea, but the rescue services just could not get to him.
Bob) Why not, Burt?
Burt) Because he was too far out!

Bum bum!

Sorry! Couldn't help myself!

Love and blessings to you all! Suzie. xxx