Friday, 7 August 2009

Free grins here for smiling souls!


They say what the world needs more of, is love. So true, but I think it also needs more smiles! Yes, lots and lots of smiles. In my humble opinion I think there should be a National Smile Day. On that day everyone who wishes to could smile as much as they like without the fear of looking silly. I personally like to smile as much as possible, even perhaps sometimes running the risk of looking like a simpleton!

A day when even those oh so miserable shop assistants, you know the ones I mean (!), have to smile at you, even dare I say it, acknowledge your presence when they are serving you! Don't you just ever want to tell them to try to be a bit friendlier and treat you with some care, sometimes it is as if you are completely invisible to them. Yes, well, on national smile day they would have to come to work with a smile. After all they are free.

A smile is a little parcel of kindness and joy, a beautiful gift to the world, that can cheer up a lonely person, make a sad person feel a little bit happier, make a grumps mouth twitch at the edges, a child giggle, or just warm up a strangers day. A smile is a bridge from one human heart to another. I know I always feel lighter, brighter and warmer inside when someone smiles at me, so I like to try to give some back, often!

Children give smiles out without judgement or conditions, they just give. Wouldn't it be wonderful if as adults we could keep some of that open heartedness. Have we forgotten to trust, become a little too suspicious, or maybe we just worry we will be rejected or made to feel silly. I try to see the world through the eyes of a child more often, or as often as I can do.

A smiling drawing of mine!

So this weekend I am going to smile at as many people as I can, and if i get funny looks, well so be it. In my life when things have been really hard and traumatic, and there have been a few (!), I have a method of trying to make myself feel better. I either do somthing really silly, if I'm not too down, or I smile! I do a great big cheesey grin, preferably in front of a mirror. Try it! I bet if you keep trying it, you will see how daft you look and laugh out loud! Believe it or not, I have read that the very act of smiling or false laughing releases endorphins (I think!) and actually really do make you feel a bit happier!

What would happen if everybody smiled at everyone else? Well for one thing the world would become a much happier place. So get out there and spread some joy people!

One of my stitchery hearts


I am pleased to tell you that my pumpkin is still growing happily in the vegetable patch, but there was no point taking another photo due to lack of any real change or growth.

There has been a suggestion for a name for pumpkin from my good friend Ro Jordan, who emailed me as she hasn't worked out how to comment on here yet. I think you need to open a google account Ro, I think you just have to type in your email and a password, I think!
I would love more comments, and thank you so much all of you who have commented so far, I LOVE reading them all!

Anyhow I digress! Ro's suggestion is Prosperity, which is a good name I think, better than Fred! In Feng shui a pumpkin symbolises prosperity. Thank you Ro!

So remember until next time, no sour grapes just big grins!!! You can bet I'm smiling right now as I write this! Yup, looking like a simpleton!!!

Mentioning my friend Ro again, recently she sent me a message that was so lovely it made my soul smile! I wish you all smiling souls!!! Suzie. X

Some sour grapes growing in my garden!!!
But never in my heart.