Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Passing on the blog award!

Hello friends!
I am writing an extra post this week, as I have very happily and humbly received an award from Sarah at 'Red Gingham'. I am overwhelmed that she has thought so kindly of my ramblings! Now It is my job to pass it on to five blogs which I enjoy visiting! Firstly though I think I am supposed to share five obsessions of mine! I thought I would tie mine in with the five senses. So here goes...

1). Sight - Rainbows and that beautiful light after it rains, the sparkle on the water when the sun shines, trees! and a mix of fabrics with stripes, checks, flowers and polka dots with lots of colour! Yes colour, colour and more colour! People's smiles!

2). Sound - Music, I love so many different types of music, heavy, soft, folk, rock and I really love loud music! I think I would shrivel up and wither if I didn't have some kind of music on at some point in the day! It lifts my spirits when I'm low and makes my soul soar. Also I love the universes gift of thunder! The crunch crunch of autumn leaves under foot. Jumping in puddles, splish splash (how old am I?) The sound of laughter!

3). Smell - The fragrance of flowers, the smell of grass freshly mown. The breezy summery scent of fresh sheets from the washing line and that certain smell when Autumn arrives!

4). Touch - I love anything creative which I can get my hands to work on, sewing, knitting, drawing. I adore the feel of soft felt or the grain of fabric. Stroking my dogs! running my fingers over french knots!

5). Taste - Licorice sticks! Marmite ( you either love it or hate it!), honey, red wine and real ale!
The cold fresh taste of snow flakes on your tongue! Ooooh, and a nice cup of tea , egg and toast soldiers!

Everything stops for tea!

The feel of french Knots!

Now I am cheating! I have to add..... angels, fairies and all otherworldlyness too, can't leave those out!!!

There are so many, but I have to stop somewhere!

Now onto the blog award! This has been so difficult, because there are so many wonderful ones out there! I have spent nearly all afternoon trying to decide and I don't like leaving people out at all. In the end I decided to keep it to only blogs which touched on sewing and cottagey type of homes, that way I don't feel bad about other ones I like to visit.

Troc Broc and Recup
Lucy's Loves In Life
Mary Poppins
A Fine Feathered Nest

So just pick up your 'A Fabulous Blog' award from my sidebar when you leave here!

Until my next post on Friday, blessings to you all!

Suzie xxx :)