Friday, 14 August 2009

Mad dogs and Englishmen!

Hello Peeps,

First of all before I get to my post, I would like to thank all of you who have supported me and followed my blog so far, I really do appreciate it, so lots of hugs to you all!

Last week I told you that I was going to spend my weekend smiling at everybody. Well I certainly did, and got very mixed reactions! Some people blanked me out, some looked at the floor, some looked at me like I had lost my mind! Thankfully though, the majority of them smiled warmly back at me. So there really are lots of smiley people out there!

Which leads me very nicely to my Friday blog.

A mad dog!!! My Old English sheepdog, Ralph!

Being a Brit myself and being English I got to thinking about our reputation for being a bit eccentric! One of my childhood dreams, besides becoming an artist and a Beatnik, was to become completely eccentric as I got into my dotage. Not got completely there yet, but there's still plenty of time, I hope.

I love individualism, and I suppose eccentricity is an off shoot, after all, it is a self expression. In some cases you could even call it creativity, art. It is a beautiful part of the human experience, being able to express through colour, art, clothes. Art appears in many forms after all.

This is one of a few of my stitcheries of eccentric ladies!

I love this book! It is a poem, and the title says it all really, but why do we have to wait until we are old? My husband, George, bought this for me, which speaks volumes! He is obviously sat watching me, looking out for signs!!

An example of an eccentric English person! I particularily Love Quentin Crisp, who has sadly now left the planet, His observations on life were so colourful, warm and funny. when asked about housework and dusting his reply (not sure of the exact words!) was that after
2 years (I think 2!) the dust doesn't get any worse!

Eccentricity is not just for famous people though!

So, all in all I would love to see more eccentrics (especially smiling ones!!!!) But I wonder what Queen Victoria would have thought, would she be amooosed?

One of my amoosing stitcheries!

You will be please to hear that Pumpkin is still happy in the veggie patch, and I think I detect a slight change in colour. either that or he/she is blushing! Maybe there will be enough change next week to warrent a photo. Carolyn, A Jersey Girl, wild gypsy art ( click on this! ) has made a suggestion for a name for Pumpkin, it is Soul Man, which is a wonderful one! Carolyn has become a friend, and we have had some wonderful chats on facebook! I have made some wonderful friends on the web, including Christine, Colette and many more, you know who you are!!!

So until next week, get on those polka dot wellies, Easter bonnets and stripey stockings and be happy! And in good old fashioned Englishness I will say Ta Ta Old Beans! Suzie X.