Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Back to school with Autumn lurking in the wings

Hello and welcome!

Another week has flown by and the summer is quickly drawing to a close. Some people are enjoying the last remnants of this sunny ( ha, ha!) season, taking their annual hols, visiting the beach and cramming in a well deserved holiday.

Although it is still August and children still have sand in their shoes and ice cream on their chins, I have noticed a distinct 'feel' of Autumn. You know that feeling, although I personally find it hard to put into words, perhaps you all can come up with some words to describe it? To me, it is almost a primeval sense, a deep connection with nature, a feeling which is unique to this special time of the year. Something in the air, a change.... I love it! It brings with it a promise of the beautiful colours of falling leaves, bonfires, dark cosy nights by the fire all cuddled up and cosy indoors. Yes, there is something magical about this time of the year when you start to notice tiny signs that the lovely earthy season is on it's way.

Berries on the hedgerows.

Some children may have already gone back to school, but where I live they are all getting ready to go back. New uniforms are being tryed on, lunch boxes being chosen, pencils, pens and sharpeners being placed into their new cases. A new start!

Two views of a painting I did.

I always had mixed feelings when my children went back to school. On the one hand I missed them, but on the other it was always nice to have some time to myself again and get back to being able to sew, draw and create!
This time of the year, once they are back at school, there always seems to be a flurry of activities, with Harvest Festival, Bonfire night and Halloween too, so much so that before you can blink, Christmas swoops in!

And speaking of Halloween! Here, plonked right in the middle of my post, is a quick update of Pumpkin. As you can see He/she is turning orange in my veggie patch, but not very big yet though! :(

Strange, as Autumn comes tip-toeing up behind Summer, you wouldn't be blamed for thinking that it heralds the aging of the year. Yet, the feeling that I sense as I go out into my garden, is not one of aging or withering, but one of new beginnings!
At this time of year, if we look about us, we can see miracle upon miracle unfurling before our eyes ...... changes happening all around us.

My apple trees have plump fruits, and the birds have left me with some blackberries ready for the kitchen and everyday I find new reasons to be grateful for nature and her generous gifts.

Nature's generous gifts!

Now, I thought to my self, what shall I do with these lovely beauties? Hmmmm.......................

A yummy scrumptious (hopefully! she added modestly) apple, pear and blackberry pie with a swirl of honey and oodles of cinnamin! The strange bits on the pastry were supposed to be an apple shape with leaves! Hmmm, oh well, as long as it tastes ok hey?!

Yes, I think Autumn has nearly caught up with Summer now, and once again Summer will have to surrender to the ever changing circle of life, just as we do! Oh, but what a wonderful time - to experience the last drops of Summer dotted with the first speckles of earthy Autumn. I always feel that our lives are just like the seasons, lively and youthful spring, young but maturing Summer, Mellowing Autumn (we even refer to the Autumn of our years) and then Old age - Old Man winter.

As do the seasons change, so does life. Nothing remains the same. You could sit in a room and not take part in anything, and everything would change just the same! Change can not be stopped, so I for one, am just going to enjoy every bit of it! I might not have been here today, due to illness, and so everyday and every change is a bonus to me. I breathe life in with a gusto and a gratitude!

This sunflower is starting to fade, a bit like me!

Each day when I go to my mirror to brush my hair, I can not help but laugh at the changes which age and life have very kindly left on my face. It is very funny really! My face, that is!
I think I am Autumn! But I really don't mind, as I am just so happy to be here on earth, waiting to tuck into that pie! Yum!

So until I post again next Friday, I wish you all a very yummy weekend and week to come! Oh and yes, I will think about you all while I eat it!

Suzie. XXX :)