Friday, 24 July 2009

My drawings and childhood memories!

Hello again! Looks like Friday is my blog day! Although I do remember writing my late night thoughts on another day, I think. Anyhow, last time I posted I promised to show some of my original drawings, just to illustrate where some of my cross stitch and stitchery patterns arise from. Well here are two of my original drawings. The girl with a fairy has been made into a cross stitch pattern, and at the moment it is only available as a pattern and not a full kit, but later....maybe. The other drawing has not been made into anything yet, and you may be able to tell by looking at it, it has not been very well looked after I'm afraid to say, coffee and tea stains adorn it! Gives it character? Erhh, possibly not! This one is definitely a drawing based on my childhood in Nova Scotia in Canada. Just looking at it, I can remember the coldness of the snow and the crunch, crunch under foot. You can't possibly know this, but just after I drew these children they all layed down on the snow to make snow angels! Does anyone remember doing that? I definitely do! Down by the church two children run wild with their dog, I can hear their giddy laughter from here!

Well until my next post, which probably will be next Friday (!) I wish you all love and joy!

Suzie. X