Sunday, 12 July 2009

Just a late night thought!

I was sat at the table after a lovely meal and a glass of cava gazing out of the window at the magnificent very large, very old, very wise tree, mesmorised by its ancient beauty and spirit, when it suddenly struck me that we get so caught up in the past and the sadness of lost opportunities and disappointments, that we become blind to the opportunities of the present. I remembered that exciting feeling of being young and new, where there was always something just around the corner promising some kind of new adventure. Every moment was bursting with new hope. Do you know the feeling? Then, suddenly, I realised that we, or I can be at times so weighed down by the past, that I am not leaving enough room for all the wonderful opportunities right in front of me! Maybe there still is that exciting feeling round that corner, if only I direct my gaze onto it. Maybe we have forgotten how to lay ourselves open to a different perspective? I think on the whole I am open, but maybe a tad jaded! We, when we were children lived in the moment for most of the time, filled with openess, or at least I did, believing in everything! Just imagine if as adults we got just one real bit of that back..., wonderful! A trust and innocence in the future. By the way the tree is the Owl tree of Owl tree cottage crafts!