Friday, 31 July 2009

Angels and pumpkins!

Hello again!

It's Friday, so it must be blog day! I have decided that I love anything with wings, especially fairies and angels. So here is another one of my stitcheries. This one belongs to a small collection of angst ridden angels. They literally 'flew' into my head one day as I was walking the dogs. I was pondering on the fact that some of us sometimes ask angels for help, or to watch over us in our everyday lives as well as in difficult times. For instance 'parking angels', have you heard of them? I have read about people asking their parking angel to help find them a space and they reckon it really does work. So, being the curious person that I am, I decided to try it too. Now, I can't say whether it was a fluke or not, but it did actually work. Still though I thought, surely these angels have better things to do with their time and more pressing problems to deal with! So as I walked along I got to thinking about angels and if they ever had a bad day themselves, perhaps maybe they get a little fed up with always having to be the ones who came out good! I went straight home and started doodling and came up with a few ideas, and the photograph below is one of seven angel angst designs. They may wish that just for one day someone would look after them for a change. We all know that feeling I think!

Now for something completely different!
While I was rummaging about in the undergrowth of my vegetable patch (as you do!) look what I found. Yes! a baby pumpkin, so sweet, hiding under the sunflowers and leaves. I have decided from now on I will give a pumpkin update to show how this baby grows! Will it grow and live long enough to be rewarded with a face at Halloween? I really hope so! Just don't tell the poor thing that it will end up in a bowl of soup, or wrapped up in pastry! I know you shouldn't give a pumpkin a name, but I'm up for it, and any suggestions will would be welcome. Well if you are going to go bonkers, you may as well go all the way and do it well!

That is it again until next time, I wish you all good times! Suzie X.