Friday, 5 June 2009

Planting and sewing!

Well, I actually did manage to get out in the garden to plant up some runner beans, petunias and peas. It was a glorious day, with bees buzzing and butterflies fluttering. We have only lived here for six months, so every turn is a surprise. Its like my birthday everyday, finding a plant or flower that I didn't realise was there! Little gifts turning up all over the place. After I finished in the garden, I managed to finish off the last few details of my long sewed design! This little girl has been on the go for a long time, she sits in a garden of flowers with her little fairy friend, and is sewn on 14 count aida, with DMC threads. This one took me quite a while to sew, as I have so many designs on the go at once. It is called 'The Meeting', and I really enjoyed sewing this one! I used my original drawing, and slowly (very!) transferred her to cross stitch bit by bit, It was quite a laborious task, but I feel the effort was worthwhile. If I get time later I will scan the original drawing and upload it to this post.

Well thats all from me for today, I'm going to go and sew some simple hearts with little sayings on calico, with a hessian background, not sure how they will turn out yet, we will see, but at this moment they look quite promising. Be back soon! Suzie.x