Tuesday, 2 June 2009

I think the weathers going to break!

well, considering that I never made it out into the garden today to sew my new project, I wonder if I will get the chance tommorow? I also haven't shown any stitchery as I said I would in my last post! I definitely will do soon! The time goes so fast, and sometimes I seem to get caught up in the mundane everyday things instead of what I really want to do. But, I wonder, is anything really mundane? surely, every minute and every task is so precious. Even the things that we may consider as not very interesting, or a right royal pain, are worth our consideration as a part of our lives. So, having considered this, I must try to look at everything in a fresh new way. We miss so much every day. Tommorow, I will finish my latest project, and hopefully plant my lettuce seeds and plant up my chimney pots! Unless of course I get caught in the web of everyday things. You know the kind of thing; you go to empty the bin and it spills all over the floor, you go to do another job and it ends up being twenty jobs! Sometimes everything seems to take much longer than it should. There is, I have read, a form of meditation, where all you need to do really, is just concentrate on everything you do during the day, and I mean really mundane tasks, like washing up. Just block everything out except that one mundane task, and you realise that all you have is just that moment, and that it is all you need. A beauty in Simplicity! A bit like sewing really! it takes you to another place... and isn't it really nice there! Suzie. X