Wednesday, 9 November 2016

New on Pink ink Pixie at Etsy.. Jolly holiday printable add on kit!

Hello all again! I know, already!... I went all that time without a post and now here I am.. I just can't stop!  Just a quick update from yesterdays post really.  Anyone with an Etsy shop selling digital products will know that when you enter a listing, you can only upload so many files at a time, so what do we do with all the other work we have been busy designing? Another listing.. this time an add on kit for the Jolly Holiday printable journal kit which I put on my shop yesterday. 

This add on has everything you need to make a small notebook which can fit into a tuck spot in the journal and be used for lists or notes, or just Christmas rantings!  Or it can be used alone to carry with you in your handbag.. or to make Christmas paper aeroplanes to fly about the top of your Christmas tree.. whatever your imagination wishes! Also included .. ephemera, tags, banners, a bookmark, and other bits and bobs. 

Lovely! You know that I will most definitely be getting out my modge podge, glue, scizzors and book binding supplies and making this one myself! Can not wait! 

Before I do though, I have a drawing which I need to do... but I will be making this journal.. hopefully in time for Christmas!! 

Anyway good peeps, speak soon.. love and hugs

Suzie! xx

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

A Jolly Holiday coming your way!


Hello all you lovely people! Yes, the wanderer returns again after yet another long absence from my  blog!  However, better late than never as they say. 

Fresh on my Etsy shop today ..ta da! 

A instant downloadable journal kit, complete with cover and spine. A lot of time and thought goes into each one of my creations. Sometimes hours and hours, or even days and days pass by in my little art room, with nothing but the faint sound of my whirring brain and  the occasional whiff of smoke wafting from my ears as I try to make my feeble pea brain work just that little bit harder! Anyway, this one took ages, but I enjoyed every minute! 

So far, on my shop I have some digital paper packs and of course some digital stamps/images made from my original drawings.  


 Over the next few weeks I expect to have added more to the shop as my mind is brimming with ideas.. and besides it keeps me occupied! :)

On the home front, we have recently moved house and there is an awful lot of work to be done, but we love the big garden and the potential of this wreck!! Takes one to know one! Ha ha. 

Well, I am freezing.. the radiator doesn't work properly, so off to make a nice hot mug of tea! Will I post again soon, or will it not be for another year.. who knows?  Hopefully, as I have changed the name of my blog now and had a makeover.. I may well start posting more often again! 

Love to you all!! Suzie xxx

Monday, 16 November 2015

A New Venture!

Hello all.. I am terrible, I haven't posted anything for a long, long time!  I have been so caught up in various events.. you know the kind of thing.. life!  Anyway, I am trying to give myself a massive kick up the you know what  and get on with being creative again. I took a break a couple of years ago.. and guess what? That break just went on and on!  So! I have added another string to my bow. I have not been completely idle! I have bean learning photo shop and venturing into the world of digital paper design. Here are a couple of samples of my digital artwork so far....

My aim is to add to my already growing number of digi stamps by offering digital paper packs for scrapbooking, journalling and the like. All will be printable, and there will be tags, and collage sheets and many other papery goodies... if that kick  I give myself works! My other Etsy shop The Cock-eyed arty miss is still up and running and here is a link to my new shop   which at the moment it is pretty sparce in there, all you can hear is the wind howling about the empty shelves! Ha ha.. I will update my lonely and very neglected blog as I go along!

Bye for now.. love to you all Suzie xx

Friday, 13 June 2014

My happy days challenge... for a year!

Hello Peeps!
How are you all diddling out there? I hope you are all well and happy, and if not I wish you love.

100 days (well actually 102!) ago I entered  the 100 days of happy challenge  . Basically, no matter what is going on in your life, you are to find at least one thing each day to be happy about. Sounds easy? Well yes and no! Some days, especially if you have had some bad news or just woken up feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders then it can feel pretty daunting. But! It is possible to stop and think about all the things you still have to be grateful for isn't it? Well I do think so, and that is what I have been doing. Mind you I usually try to do that anyway.  

                                                   That happy feeling! ..................... 

I finished the challenge a couple of days ago,  and a few friends on Facebook (what lovely friends I have! I was quite touched by their kindness)  asked me if I would carry on spreading the happy, so I thought well how long for?   Hmmmm.... Well why not for a whole year? So I have decided to add another 265 days of happy onto the hundred I have already done! You can find my posts here  and here

                                         Happy thoughts..... are good for you..... Yup!

Ok Peeps, I have dogs to walk and Happy thoughts to manifest out into the world..

Lots of love to you all! Keep the circle of love growing out there with lots of smiles Peeps!     .. Suzie xxx          

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Better late than never! As they say!

Oh dear me! I have done it again and taken months to get around to making another post.  So, better late than never!  I have been doing a little spring cleaning on here which led me to think about my lovely friend Rachael and her beautiful gift which she made for me a few months ago.  Needless to say, I have been meaning to post about this and that. and have not gotten to do it due to various ups and downs in life! Also, making more excuses,  I have only just got a new camera, my old one was really getting duff! 

Look at this beautifully gorgeous art doll! Meticulously put together with such attention to detail. Truly amazing, and even though I am only just getting round to putting her on my blog, this does not detract from how much I cherish her. She has been having a little fly about in the garden but she usually keeps me company in my art room! Sometimes she hides and all I can hear is a faint giggling and  the fluttering of wings :)

Rachael is a very talented lady and you can find her at Binky Roo Crafts.........
Here are a couple of links for you, if you would like to know more about Rachael's fabulous work and

This week I have been busy sewing up a couple of tooth fairy bags, which are now on the way to America...

 And here is a link to my little Etsy shop!

Lastly! I am going to try so hard to keep up with my blogging, as I actually enjoy it when I am writing it! 

See you soon Peeps, stay well and happy!  Love Suzie 

Monday, 19 August 2013

Bunny rabbits and faraway castles!

What am I like? Considering I used to blog every Friday no fail, I have let things slip. just a bit.. last time was June I think!

What have I been doing.. well,  I have just listed my latest Needle Doodle/embroidery hoop art on my Etsy shop.  

Here is my original watercolour painting which it originated from....

These needle doodles take such a long time to make and sew. The process starts with very carefully drawing the design onto calico fabric, which is a natural and slightly uneven cloth and makes a steady hand and eyes quite key! Sadly my eyes are a bit wonky these days, and I need new glasses as mine are worn out and bent from a certain Old English Sheepdog called Dottie Dollie who decided that they made a tasty treat!

Next of course is all the sewing.. takes ages and ages...hours,  but what a good excuse to sit and watch things on the TV which I normally wouldn't take time to do. I have some vital equipment I need before I get started.. a needle, threads, beads, etc, and most importantly.. a pot of tea.. ha ha!

When the sewing is complete, beads, applique and other embellishments too, I have to hot glue it into place in the wooden embroidery hoop and hot glue a thick calico backing onto it, which I stamp and sign.

Phew, I feel worn out now! Now I am off to start another one!

Have a happy week Peeps! Suzie xxx

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Dancing Butterflies and Doodles of Dogs!

Hello all you fine Peeps!!  Well, what a beautiful day it is here.. sun shining and warm, bees buzzing.. almost dare I say it... like Summer!  What a glorious start to June!  Today, I have been sat out in the garden nursing a poorly arm, luckily not the one I draw with though. So I have been creating a series of doodles of my Old English Sheepdog called Dollie and my lovely little rascal of a Jack Russell Edwoof.

In my drawings they are called Dottie Dollie and Mister Edwoof Tedley! What fun they have together! Or on their own for that matter!

 And just for now a peek at another in progress, one which I will finish today, as you can see the mouse is unfinished as yet, well I hope it looks like a mouse to you all anyway! One thing I love about Old English Sheepdogs is their big mahoosive black noses, I just love them! And Dottie Dollie is the first one out of a total of five which we have been lucky enough to have in our lives over thirty odd years, that has a tail, and I love hearing the thump, thump when she wags it, and she wags it a lot as she is a happy little girl!

I have done all in all so far... mmmmm... yep..six drawings in this series, but I am keeping the others all to myself for now!

Well, better get back out into the sun to do some more doodling!!  Until next time, love to you all.

Suzie xxx